Digital: 10 Steps to Your Digital Plan

by | Jan 2, 2020

Dear MINT members,

Just because you’re running your own small business, doesn’t mean you can’t ACT big!

Getting serious about your business marketing is essential and it’s part of the reason you’ve all committed to being a MINT Business Club member. Your marketing needs to happen and digital communication is an important consideration of any micro-business marketing strategy.

To help you stop wasting your very precious time, read through these tips and see how many you’ve already put into place and how many you can follow to getting your digital plan written down and making sure social media marketing hits the spot.

1.Goals. Set some! Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve? Make them measurable and realistic so you don’t set yourself up to fail.
Perhaps you need to start with just one goal. On social media could it be to grow your numbers? Post every day? Get your brand seen more? Or if you’re looking to do some traditional marketing, how many networking events will you go to and how many people are you going to meet?

2. Audience. No matter the kind of marketing you undertake, check where your target audience hangs out first. Advertise in the right publications. Offer guest blog posts to publications that are read by your audience of choice. Join your audience on the social media platform they are using. Always talk to the most ideal people.

3. Analyse competitors. See what they’re doing well and take inspiration from them.

4. Be selective. Choose the correct marketing activities & social platforms for your business. You aren’t obliged to do everything or use every single social media channel that exists. Be realistic with your time and your capacity.

5. Audit your current activity. Use the insights/analytics to really find out what works.

6. Do more of what works. Once you have worked out which marketing activity gets the best results, do more of it!

7. Prepare your marketing activities and content carefully. Prepare for your audience. Everything you do to raise your profile has to keep your customers in mind.

8. Be Consistent. Make sure you deliver your social media marketing consistently. Something really does need to go out every day.

9. Be patient. Remember you may not have trained to be a marketer. Success on social media is not always immediate. Your goal(s) may take 3-6 months to achieve, but if you keep at it, success will come!

10. Enjoy it and be unashamedly you!

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