Digital: Social Media Trends for 2022

by | Oct 10, 2022

Social Media trainer, Caroline Wilson, delivers this session on what’s trending and what to look out for in 2023.

So I’m really, really excited to be here with you. Today’s gonna be really interactive and especially when if you want to put your cameras on, ask questions, get involved. That will be absolutely marvellous because this is your hour with me. And hopefully this is what you’ve come for. So it’s gonna be here’s me a little bit about me. This is how I spend most of my time posed in front of the camera chatting, doing webinars, power hours with small businesses like yourself.

Watch the training video below…

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Perfect. Hello everybody. I’m Caroline. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a little bit further south. I don’t normally say that very often. I’m just outside of York in North Yorkshire. However, I did come up to the business Hub not very long ago and it was absolutely marvellous. You are so lucky. What an amazing, amazing place you’ve created.


So I’m really, really excited to be here with you. Today’s gonna be really interactive and especially when if you want to put your cameras on, ask questions, get involved. That will be absolutely marvellous because this is your hour with me. And hopefully this is what you’ve come for. So it’s gonna be here’s me a little bit about me. This is how I spend most of my time posed in front of the camera chatting, doing webinars, power hours with small businesses like yourself.


And I’ve been doing that for about, it’s coming up nearly 10 years now, which is unbelievable. So hopefully I’m a good person to tell you a little bit more and give you some tips and tricks towards your social media.


If anybody wants to do a little bit of a quick intro seeing as there’s only sort of five of you that’d be marvellous, kicking off with Kay if that’s alright, like a one second of who you are and what your business is, that will be phenomenal. Okay. You’re still on mute, don’t worry. I always do that.


I’m Kay Hicks. Kevin Spowart and I run a website called Your North East and we have a regional magazine, Your North East magazine, which goes out to the whole region in the northeast.


Marvellous. And I met you then at the networking thing in August. Yes, I’ve got that. Perfect. I’ve got you. Brilliant. Lovely to meet you again Kay. Hello Catherine!

(00:01:58): Hi, There’s two,


Oh, there’s two. Sorry. Yeah, you go first and we’ll go to Cathryn Clark after.


I’m Catherine and I’m an interior designer.




Interior designer. Marvellous. Perfect. Well hopefully we’ve got some tips and tricks for you. The other Cathryn, that would be wonderful. Hello.


Hi there. I’m Cathryn Clark of Cathryn Clark Physiotherapy. So I’ve got my own private clinic in West Allotment in North Tyneside.


Marvellous. Well, lovely to have you here. Hello Rebecca.


Hello. You’ve come to me just as the washing machines gone really, really noisy. I make handmade notebooks.


Ooh. I think, what’s your business called?


Becca’s Bound Books.


Oh yeah, this perfect. Perfect. Well that sounds really exciting. Becca’s Bound Books, marvellous. And last oh no, we’ve got Elizabeth. Hello. We’re just doing a little introduction of what your business is and I can just hopefully then I can make it a bit more personal when I’m chatting.


Yep. Did you wanna know mine?


Yes please. That’ll be marvellous,


Yeah. I just didn’t know which point I jumped in there. Yeah, I’m a virtual assistant who supports health and wellness businesses with their back office admin and CRM systems and any other things that they need support with really so they can get on and do what they need to do and why they started their business.


Amazing. And lastly, Samantha, if you’ve got two seconds, just flip on and say what your business is, that would be marvellous.


Hi Caroline. Sorry, my videos not working on my laptop. Yeah, so it’s Sammy Dodger, so I’m a freelance artist. I’ve started putting my some very abstract designs onto sort of cushions, coasters, notebooks. Yeah, so that’s what I’ve kind of started doing. Sammy Dodger, it’s called.


Sammy Dodger. Brilliant. That’s absolutely marvellous. If anybody wants to share their links, use it as a bit of networking in the chat and share your social media chats. So hopefully we can all get connected. That would be absolutely marvellous. Like I said, everybody, this is your time, so it’s gonna be very interactive, ask questions pick my brains, really make the most of it and make it really relevant what I’m saying for your business.


I know what you do now, so hopefully then when I’m chatting I can sort of really say, Oh, maybe think this for you, think that for you and really get the most out of it. So you can leave, unless you’ve got a

washing machine that’s going, you can leave your, you can unmute yourself, like I said, unless you’ve got a washing machine going in the background, that might not be great for the sound control. But anyway, that’s absolutely marvellous. That’s really helpful. Oh and let’s, so like I said,


One request from me, can you slow down your speech a little bit slower?


There’s somebody else in the waiting room. Andrew.


Yeah, sorry, I when I get more passionate, as you can imagine, I go quicker so it really isn’t helpful, is it? But hello Andrew? Oh, Andrew’s not an Andrew or maybe it is Andrew. Brilliant. We’re just asking quickly what your business is. That would be marvellous. And maybe your name as well, if it’s


Yes, I’ll change it now cause I am Helen Morrell as opposed to Andrew Morrell Financial Management and Services


Financial. Perfect. So, thank you for joining me. So again, a little bit of a brief whistle stop tour and then we will get straight into the crunch of it cause we have literally only got this as a power hour I’m gonna call it. So I’m hopefully here to make you not more busy, but hopefully create a little bit of a balance because I’m not gonna be here to bash you and make out that you are not doing enough. Because when you have your business, your social media is just one element of your marketing. And so I don’t wanna create you and be like, Oh God, I need to go on TikTok, there’s the fundamentals of marketing still remain that you need to be where your target audience are, not chasing after the next trend or the next, the next thing you hear about or getting crushed into doing things that you maybe potentially don’t want to.


Instantly I can think of doing a dance on TikTok and pointing our hands all over. I can instantly think that that’s something that I definitely wouldn’t want to do. So and if you are the same, there is definitely, that is not the only way to market your business on social media. So hopefully that’s a little bit of relief for some of you that might potentially not want do that.


So like I said, there’s gonna be two parts. So in the first part I’m gonna hopefully share with you sort of five trends or things to expand on so it’s not recreating the wheel. Hopefully you’ve already heard of a lot of these things and I can give a bit more meat on the bone and a little bit more detail and then give you some examples. And I’ve actually used some of the businesses of the Mint members.


So some that I’d come across, I’ve hopefully used some that you might have heard of to make it really relevant and like I said, to also bring it alive to show you that actually what’s coming isn’t new or different. You already probably know this but it just gives you a little bit more detail.


And then part two is really exciting and hopefully some of you have got some questions, already armed with some questions. We’ve already got some questions as well in the chat to go over. So we’re gonna do like a part like open surgery so you can share any social media pain points, you can share potentially anything that you are struggling with in your business. And then hopefully somebody else is maybe potentially thinking, yep, that’s a pain point for me too. And we can just have a little chat, a discussion. We might even be able to, if you drop links in the chat, we might be able to even look at people’s social media, give suggestions, have a real live example to really make that come alive. Is that all what you’ve signed up for? Hopefully? Yep. Perfect. All thumbs up. I love it. Thank you Helen. Thanks for coming Helen. So yeah, really interactive session hopefully so we’re straight into the crunch of it.


So my first thing that I wanna talk to you about, and this is probably everybody’s most frightening thing, so it’s not and I think this is the most frightening thing for everybody. Who has done any live streaming?


I did a while ago, but not much.


Amazing, amazing. So yeah, this is something that obviously here, there’s some incredible stuff around what it is about what, you know, live streaming actually is. So here it’s saying it’s currently almost a quarter of the Globe’s global viewing time is live streaming now, social media sites, whatever site you are on absolutely loves live streaming because what you are doing there is holding that viewer’s attention and keeping them on that platform. And it’s in real time, isn’t it? But I do get for every single business owner I ever talk to that this is like their idea of hell, who thinks that this is actually petrifying? It’s awful? It’s horrific? Yeah. So what I would say, this is what I think is when you are for instance losing weight, going to the gym, doing a marathon or doing anything major in your life or building up to something, you don’t just start at the end, do you?


This is like the end result, live streaming. So I think you’ve got to put in things before the live streaming to build up to this. Does that make sense? So maybe just start with an audio, maybe just be like, oh I’m gonna do an audio, I’m gonna see if I can do an audio reply and see, you know, build up to learning the sound of your own voice. Cause everybody thinks they sound horrific. I don’t know if you’ve ever been on radio, but I think I sounded like a 12 year old squeaking. It was horrific. And then you do things like, Oh I’m gonna pre-record some, pitch some videos and they’re not gonna be of me. They’re gonna be of my products, they’re gonna be of my service. Or maybe I’m gonna chat looking at something, but it’s not of me. You know, can you see how you’re putting in these places, building up your confidence to get to this sort of live streaming?


Then maybe you might think, right, I’m ready, I’m gonna do some prerecorded again videos of myself, maybe doing something in your work. So then it’s like maybe you are making something or you are demoing a treatment or you are talking about a frequently asked question in your business, or maybe you are sharing about a message you want to get across or an event you are attending, you know, then you may be potentially are thinking then, right? It’s not me, I’m just the messenger. I’m not the person that they’re interested in seeing. I just need to deliver my message. So then it seems like it’s got a little bit more, you know, it’s not about you because guess what? People don’t care if you wearing lipstick or if you’ve done your make up. They want to know what the value is that you’re adding. The thing that you are sharing.


And that is what you’ve got to hold onto. Forget about yourself. Cause we all get hung up and we can do about a million different things, can’t we? Million different takes of a video and it’s not perfect and your hair doesn’t look right and you haven’t got the right background. But actually what Covid did for all of that was just made it all really irrelevant. It didn’t matter. We’re all just, all just on our way. So I think that now it’s a much nicer scenario. It’s a much like better place to be in to be able to do lives. Does anybody agree that they feel like that the sort of stickiness is like, of having something really snazzy and prerecorded?


Helen’s smiling. She’s like, Yeah, I think that’s all gone. And when actually I see those really polished and really expensive videos, I’m like, oh god, that doesn’t come across very well. It’s not very genuine. But when you see somebody that’s just literally been like two, two or three minutes video, if that. Or seconds, it could be 30 seconds, whatever, a little video of something that’s genuine that’s just, just popped up for you in your business or you’re just answering a frequently asked question or something like that, it just comes across a lot better. Has anybody found that, that sometimes when they plan the far end of a, about some content that actually it flops because it’s not really genuine, it’s not authentic, it’s not timely. Then anybody else think that, that sometimes when they plan something really well it doesn’t actually work how they think? Helen’s like, Yeah, I’ve heard that before. I’ve heard that before. Yeah. Or not. Yeah, she’s


I really like it when people, oh a microphone would be good. I really like it when people are just themselves. So I quite enjoy it when children are in the background like banging the saucepan or you know, just, just being like, you know, the dog is just like doing tricks or, you know, all of that stuff I think are much more, you’re right, I think Covid sort of gave us a window, a window into other people’s lives that actually the glossy polished stuff is brilliant, but also there are real people behind the business and that’s, and I’m so nosy that that’s what I really like.


Yeah, I talked to a life coach and she said the same. She was like, People now ask about my dog. And it was an accident that the dog was in all the videos. He just was on the sofa in the background, you know what I mean? And now they’re like, Where’s the dog? Where’s your dog? I was like, God. So yes, I think it just adds a more genuine, authentic vibe. And as a small business that’s absolutely music to our ears that we don’t have to invest thousands into a really polished professional video that makes us really awkward and awful and we just don’t wanna do it.


I mean, getting professional pictures is bad enough isn’t it? Without having these videos and oh yeah, awful, awful, awful, awful. So yeah, I hopefully this, but like I said, I see this as being something if you have barely, if you are just sort of thinking, God that sounds horrific.


Build it up of steps and be like 2% more courageous in your business every day. And then maybe aim that a live is gonna be Easter 2023 and that you’re just you know, just building it up in small steps and sections and then hopefully that you’ll feel your confidence will grow. You’ll get feedback from your customers. You’ll also see the engagement and the interaction that you get because when you are actually live streaming, every single follower, whatever platform you are on that follows you will get a notification to say you’re live streaming.


Has everybody been on Instagram, when so and so’s live you get a notification. So it’s a really, really powerful tool at getting engagement. However, I do appreciate it can be really, really frightening. But I definitely say in 2023, this is definitely something that you are hopefully wanting to move towards if you are wanting to get a message across or even talking about an event, live streaming an event. So if people can’t come, like this is recorded today so that people can watch back and that’s really, really valuable.

But yeah. Amazing. Has anybody got any questions regarding this? I just think it’s fascinating. Really. Hello? I can see Catherine’s like hello.


I always wonder like should you advertise that you’re gonna go live? Like should you put posts beforehand saying, I’m going live at this time, or is it just like, just seize the moment and go live when I’m


Well I think that everybody will get a notification anyway, but yeah, pre-warning is fine if that goes with a post that you are already popping out, yeah, I would say, oh I’m planning to go live. So then you can, like you said, drill up interest. You can obviously get some troops rallied up and say, Oh would you be, maybe you know, like obviously you are in a lovely Mint membership and there’ll be lots of people that want to support your business and you need like advocates, don’t you? You want people to ask questions. So you might have a couple of people that are just gonna be on asking questions and making that more engaging, that live. So yeah, if you can and then have a little bit of a, like I said, a support crew, that would be lovely and really, really kind and I’m sure people will do that for you if you know, I know that engagement is as much as posting, so you want to be thinking that your engagement strategy, people engaging on your post and you engaging on other people’s posts, that then hopefully that really, really helps the algorithm and say, oh look, this is amazing.


That person’s got loads of interaction on that person. Then Facebook or whatever site you are on will organically show it to more people. So yeah, I would say as much as you can tell people that’s really good if it fits with what you’re saying, you know, if you’re talking about something else completely random but then like slide in, I’m going live and talking about something else, it maybe doesn’t fit. But yeah, I would try and share and you could even do an event. So depending on what site I’m thinking, particularly if you’re on Facebook let me just get reminded of you, I’m bound, I’m gonna get it wrong. I’ve written it down. Let me look. What did you do again? I’m just thinking




Yeah, sorry.


Interior design.


Interior design. Oh, so you might want to do like if you’re thinking of your, if you are particularly on Facebook, you might be thinking then oh I might do an event and share a reveal live. If your clients are happy with that, that might be quite a nice thing. So you could go live but create an event. Invite your audience to see that. Because it’s quite a tricky one isn’t it with interior design? Cause people might not always want you to share the pictures, but if you do have a client that’s quite happy with that then you might want to do a before and after and then go around and share in a live, you know, what you’ve done, the detail, maybe a mood board and how and walk them around the room. I know potentially that might be a thing that you could do on a live. But again, the focus isn’t you, it’s sharing your work and how you got there and how you created it.


So hopefully that’ll help. Has anybody else got any questions? Nope. Perfect. Well I’ll keep moving on and I have used, I thought that this is fascinating. The last thing I just wanted to mention is, so is anybody writing blogs at the moment? Is anybody doing that? I just thought it was fascinating that people would rather watch something and listen to something than they would rather than follow up with reading. So if anybody is creating blogs then maybe there’s another element that you could think actually I could, if I am writing blogs or a newsletter, I could deliver that content live and then you’re getting out to another source of audience. And then also the content that you are writing is getting shared more widely. And also it’s more buck for your time, isn’t it? Like more exposure for the time when you are writing a newsletter, if it’s going on a blog and then also you are able to then just share it on a live or a video. So anyway, just a thought but


I don’t know, I don’t know how other people on the call feel, but I must be like one of the other 20% because I can’t be bothered to sit and watch someone’s video. I would rather just read things. And so it’s kind of hard to think that 80% of everyone else is completely different.


I must be in the 80%. It’s far more time efficient for me to listen to something. I don’t necessarily look at the screen when I’m listening to people’s stuff, but like, well my other half’s the same, we wander around the house with our Aftershock headphones on, so we don’t hear the doorbell or whatever, listening to, to different stuff.


Really Interesting.


It’s fascinating. I just thought it was interesting to see cause like you said, there’ll be different, it depends on the way that you learn I suppose as well. And also remembering things like I am slightly dyslexic and I think it’s as high as one in three people are, who are business owners. So it’s also thinking how do your target audience interpret information and if they like stuff written down or do they like to listen to stuff. But that’s all, like I said, basic understanding your target audience. How do they like stuff? How do they interpret it? What social media sites are they hanging out on and how can you resonate and add value I suppose. But yeah, it’s interesting isn’t it? So that’s something maybe Catherine to go back to and ask your clients where do you do it? What do you, how do you use things?


Would that be useful to you? I suppose little targeted audience research would be really, really helpful there. And then you can know more to move on. So I wanted to showcase somebody that did a live and I believe, look here’s Nicola did a live this week only yesterday actually. So here obviously a really flattering picture of Nicola, bless her. But I wanted to screenshot and share people that are doing a live. Cause I don’t want you to go away and think, oh God, it’s really out of my reach and showcase people that are doing things that you already follow. Cause sometimes I always say in social media that actually when you’re thinking about what’s coming up, what’s changing, what trends are happening to actually look to who do you already follow? Who are doing this? Who, what information do you resonate with?


What content do you sort of already see? Because there’s a really frightening stat that when I first started writing social media presentations about 10 years ago, I put in that you’d spend about 20 minutes on Facebook but now it’s something like 144 minutes a day we are spending on social media sites. So you are scrolling indefinitely, aren’t you? So what are you scrolling and what are you looking at and can you make those news feeds as impactful and as bright and as sort of information overload if you like? So the information you are consuming is positive. It’s also adding to adding to your learning. So if you’re thinking right, gosh this is something I want to learn, find businesses and maybe get businesses on board that maybe have a similar target audience to you and you like their social media. So then that you are learning and you’re contributing and adding and being exposed to in these 144 wild minutes a day to really great content.


Does anybody do that? Has anybody sort of had a little cull of their new feed and thought actually I’m gonna unfollow this, I’m really interested in this person. Yes, it sounds like yeah, it’s a really, really positive thing to do. And I listened to a podcast a couple of days ago and it said about how, cause I think I’ve had information overload so then you have too many opinions of too many, too much stuff coming in. And it was really good to say that actually maybe just have three accounts that you maybe really like and you really appreciate their content because you can’t have too much of a good thing and then you do nothing, don’t you? Cause you’re like, oh god, there’s so much coming in, I don’t know what’s good, what’s bad. So maybe just think actually I’m gonna focus in on three accounts that I really like at the moment and learn from them and resonate with that content. Because sometimes you can have loads of stuff coming in and then you’re not doing anything cause you’re a bit bamboozled. Does that happen to some people that they compare themselves and then they do nothing sometimes cause you’re like oh they’re doing amazing and then you compare yourself and then you don’t do anything? Go on Catherine what are you finding? Is that something

(00:22:59): Just that, yeah,


Yeah it can be really overwhelming. And sorry, did the other Cathryn, you come off mute, Did you have a question?


Yeah, I’ve stopped following other physiotherapists to be honest and other physio clinics. And maybe still have a couple who aren’t even in this country because if I followed ones that were local, I just got imposter syndrome, I just panicked. Oh my god, they’ve got three new members of staff. Oh my god, look at the facilities they’ve got. Oh my God, look what they’re doing with their patients. And it was Nicola actually that said to me, Cathryn, it absolutely doesn’t matter. Stay in your lane and concentrate on what you’re doing. So I can see the positives of following accounts that you get inspiration from but just


Not the other stuff. Yeah, yeah,


You maybe just have to be careful that you’re not actually just looking at your direct competitors.


Cause it is demoralising, isn’t it? And you need to remember your, you and your customers love you and they wanna work with you. And so like you said and when you are not comparing yourself, it’s such a horrible place to be in. Cause then it makes that online 144 minutes really negative. And actually what you want to feel is like you’ve part of this huge brilliant Mint community that actually you are doing really, really well and you’ve got stuff to celebrate and you’re getting ideas and being inspired by people that maybe are businesses that have similar audiences but like you said, not direct competitors because that can be quite, you’re like, oh God, they’re doing, yeah like you said, yeah they’re doing this or they’re award winning or they’re doing that and then that sort of puts you down and then it’s not a good place.


No one’s in a good place to serve anybody’s customers, are they? So, yeah, really, really interesting. So be choosy about what’s on your newsfeed and if this is something you’ll want to sort of improve in and get lives more easier. Like I said, watch more lives, research. This is all about getting little ideas to take away and think, oh how can I be more inspired? And obviously Mint are amazing at doing these lives, so see and pick up tips and take part, watch the replays. You don’t have to be there when they’re live. And then comment and communicate with the lives as well and say I’ve watched it, this was really brilliant. That was really brilliant. But yeah, I think it’s really positive to look at things that inspire you and lift you up. We don’t need any negativity do we? Perfect. So that’s my first little tip, thinking about lives, how can you incorporate them?


And a really easy one is just think what do I frequently get asked? I get asked this all the time. And then they can have that as a blog, as a live, as a newsletter. I can put that on my website. You know, you’ve got loads of different elements to do with that. That content doesn’t die just because you’ve done it, seen it once. Then you can tag people in that live later, at a later date. Like, oh, if a client comes up to you and says, Oh I want to know about this. Brilliant. I covered that in a live, are you on social media? Maybe potentially could you go back to that page or would you mind if I tagged you in that live? So you can answer that question, you know, it’s quite useful getting more into engagement on that post.


Brilliant. Are we all happy with lives? I’ve started with a real big one. I’m really sorry. They’ll all be like, oh god, this is a, this is a toe curler I think, isn’t it? Next one. So authenticity, being authentic. So in market research around 90% of customers have revealed that authenticity is a deciding factor when choosing to work with a brand. Phenomenal. Absolutely brilliant. So what are people doing to get this user generated content? So this is when your customers are talking about you online. So this is gonna give you that extra layer of authenticity. Really, really useful thing. So if they’re talking about you, that is brilliant because then you are not saying it are you? You are not saying we’re fantastic. I’ve had a phenomenal experience here. They’re sharing your amazingness about your business, amazing experience. And then that’s giving another layer of you are what you say on the tin basically.


And then you’ve got something to share on your social media that isn’t you saying how great you are. So it’s just brilliant. I think this is definitely something, a massive thing that we want to see is this user generated content. And I mean we’ve seen people working with influencers, everybody’s seen that and there’s absolutely, it’s a mind field in my experience of working with influencers because some can have millions of followers. So that’s super, super expensive to work with. Some have got hundreds of thousands of followers, again, quite expensive to work with and some have got tens of thousands of followers. In my experience, the ones with like 10,000 followers probably are the better people to work with because if you go to millions and if you get 1% of that, what would that mean for your business? Probably be a bit too much wouldn’t it?


So maybe going to a smaller audience. And if you’re thinking of working with influencers, it’s great, but again, it’s usually paid so you are doing something for them to talk about you. However, if it’s generated by your customers that are already there, like-minded customers know like-minded people. So they’re gonna talk about you usually resulting in about we average about 300 people on our accounts. So if you are thinking a customer might have 300 people there, we’re probably all gonna be similar-ish. So then they might obviously become potentially a customer. So it’s brilliant if customers talk about you and they can do that really, really easily. So it’s thinking of ways when you are working with somebody when they leave, do you ask for a review? Maybe, does anybody do that? And it’s really awkward isn’t it, when it, Suzanne’s like, yes we do.


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. So here’s a little example of what I do. So I had somebody that I speak for, they wrote this social media content about me literally this week. But then what I’ve also started doing really interesting enough is when I was thinking, right, I want to review my website, which I’m having a little bit of a rebrand and things like that. I started asking for referrals on LinkedIn. But you can ask for them on whether it’s Google you’re wanting them or TrustPilot or wherever your chosen places or if you are just saying if you share this with your if you share this when you get an item or something, a product in the post or when you finish working with somebody, maybe potentially a little review part on your web, on your invoice even. How are you encouraging people to talk about you? Does anybody do anything currently that they want to share? Like I’ve already mentioned? Oh, go on. Mrs. Clark. I’ll call you Clark as we’ve got Cathryn Clark. That would be amazing. CC?


CC, yeah, why not CC? CC Physio. I ask for Google reviews when I, I so I basically, I have a QR code that they can scan in reception, which is a fairly recent thing, but I send a receipt through my practice management system and it asks about a Google review at the bottom. So I think on the last count. So I’ve been open just over a year and I think on last count I’ve got 52 reviews. Oh amazing. Which I think is quite good. I mean obviously I’ve seen a lot more than 52 patients, but I still think that’s quite a good percentage. But I’m thinking I might add a Facebook review link to that as well.


Yeah, I think that’s amazing. But it’s finding out where your customers are. So what social media sites are they using to make it really easy for them to be able to do it? So I would say that, and I would agree, so last year I didn’t ask for any reviews at all. I got three this year I’ve started asking for reviews and again, I’ve just made it really awkwardly part of my process because it is, if it’s a standalone activity and it isn’t part of your sort of customer journey, it then seems very disjointed and difficult and it easily gets missed off asking for reviews or when people if I’m thinking if you are posting things out as well, I’ve seen a lot of people add in a little review us or find us on social media and a little discount code for future purchases.


So it’s sort of saying how are you making it really easy for your customers to review you? And then since I’ve asked for reviews, like I said, been a bit more proactive with it and thought, God I’m building a website, I want more up to date reviews or I’m changing my website. Then I’ve had about 33 reviews. But again, definitely worked with a lot more people and had a lot more webinars than that. But it’s just not always are those people on LinkedIn where I’m trying to gather that momentum with those reviews.

So I think that’s really, really amazing. But it’s again, how are you encouraging people to do that and where, where can they write about you? And if there’s only one thing you do today, have a little look in the social media sites you are using and just search your business name because chances are somebody has been talking about you but they potentially didn’t know how to @you. Jill’s smiling, you know, this happens, it does happen.


Oh it’s so I think yeah, just type in your business name and into the search wherever you are, people do write about you but they potentially don’t know exactly how to @ you. If you’re thinking, I think social media’s a mine field. Your customers are probably think 10 times more of that, but there will be little nuggets and information and potentially things that you might have missed out on. So have a little search and a look into that. But that’s a really good one. Just gonna have a quick look in the chat. I’m not very good at multitasking but yeah, TrustPilot’s a good one. Oh I dunno where people look for advice, for financial advice, but TrustPilot is a good or Google. Helen, I would look into thinking, asking customers when you are working with them, where would you expect to see reviews or having a little industry research.


But I suppose that if you are asking just maybe potentially like a good old Survey Monkey, if you could, when you finish working with somebody, send them a Survey Monkey or if you’re wanting to build up, like I said, Google reviews TrustPilot. But I’d have a research first. I’m not particularly sure myself. Maybe some people have worked with a financial advisor and have looked somewhere so might be on the call, might be able to share where they’ve maybe looked at, you know, seeing how credible you are. But I would expect if people are searching locally and see your website that a few reviews on there would be great as well and Google reviews. Cause that’s obviously what if they’re, how they’re searching and finding you that that’ll instantly pop up. So that would be a good one as well.


I think most of our work comes through like referrals from other clients, so we end up with clusters of clients, which is the ideal. Like, you know, that is the best possible thing. But I just, we’re gonna get to a stage I think where nearly everyone will need financial advice. So I just, yeah, I, I think you might. And also people are quite, it’s a very private thing. So often we might have clients who live in the same street for example, but they don’t know that we are the financial advisor for both of them because the, the the, you know, and like I couldn’t have a branded car that said, you know, here I am, financial management in the street. It just wouldn’t sit well for people. So I think maybe some confidential reviews where I go Mr. Dre from Spennymoor said this in a private confidential email. Like yeah, it’s just, it’s tricky to know what the best thing to do is.


And if people are reviewing you, giving that anonymous, you know, if there is, you can say please may I share this, but say it’s anonymous or say the location, like you say a few people do sort of first name and then an initial for a surname, you know, rather than their full name. So maybe they might be happy with their first name but not their last name, you know, but just an initial.


Yeah and I think we’ve got some clients who would be really happy to leave a Google review and would be really confident in doing that. But then we’ve got some older clients who are probably, who we might have known for 15, 20 years, some of them. But actually we’re not gonna get that, you know, the same review. But the sort of people that’ll be dead happy to be on a video or they’d just be like, Yes, no problem, come on in. You know, like I


You can’t win them all. But that’s amazing, isn’t it? You definitely know your target audience, don’t you?



Yeah. They’d love the chat. They just love the opportunity to have the chat and then, you know, cause they’re yeah, they’re so, they’re so lush, so


Oh I love that. That’s amazing. But yeah, it’s thinking, yeah, how obviously utilising where your target audience are and if they’re not happy, sometimes I’ve had actually a lady that had an interior design shop, this might be relevant to you, Catherine, but she’s had lots of people say they’re happy to give a review, but she’s written up their words and emailed it and said, Are you happy for me to say that? Because I think the nature of your clients sometimes, like you said, older, not maybe tech savvy or extremely busy and time precious, so they just haven’t had the head space to sit down because how do you start by saying what you’ve done when the task is like, you’ve rearranged and redesigned a whole kitchen or you’ve sorted out my financials, you know, it, it seems quite large, doesn’t it to just put into words.


But if you can grab snippets of people’s conversations and say, Are you happy for me to write this on my website? And obviously we’ll say it’s anonymous, I will say the house is in wherever, you know, like you won’t make it to that person cause like you said, it’s quite, it’s quite a private thing to do. Perfect.


Let’s keep moving on if nobody’s got any questions. Next one, obviously here shopping. So we have seen every platform is a business. So we’ve got to remember that they’re wanting a little bit of a cut. So we’ve seen a massive, massive, massive launch from the pandemic. Facebook launched obviously Facebook shops, but shopping and everything, being able to check out on these sites. Tiktok, massive. Shopable, Pinterest, Shopable, Facebook, Instagram, all Shopable elements, which is absolutely phenomenal. Now this is a huge area for growth and you can see people on these sites on I think Facebook and Instagram.


You still can’t check out in the UK online, however you can on your website. So it’s how are you making it really easy for your customers if you’ve got products like, I have found this member, I believe which is why I was talking about the, does everybody know this lady? It, it’s not come up very well because as you can see when I screenshot it on desktop, you will see that the element is different. So desktop, it didn’t give that shoppable element. However, this is the same post. So the big one at the back is on desktop. But then when you see I did these screenshots, which have come up a bit blurred, that is when you can see it’s got that shoppable element on a phone. So I think it’s as high as over 90 percent of people are using social media from a phone.


So it’s thinking how does it display? How am I able to make it really super easy? So that product had a tag on it, making it super simple to then look at the shop and then purchase. So really, really great. But I wouldn’t say, oh, I love her stationary. Oh, amazing. Yeah, I just picked somebody, I was like, oh, that’s fascinating. I’ll grab that. I’m glad. But when the Bound book lady, was it one of the Catherines? No, who’s got the bound books? Yeah, apologies about that. I forgot. Oh, it’s, Rebecca sounds like thinking that this might have been your business, Rebecca, sorry. But it’s thinking, how can you make it really easy? Now, I’m not saying every single post you want to say let’s sell, that’s definitely a hundred percent not, I’m not, I’m not saying that, but it’s thinking how can you, I would say a split of like 80/20, what, what are you, how are you educating and entertaining and giving sort of value to your customers, but then also sharing what they can purchase.


Some people think they’re actually going quite niche and narrowing down on sort of like like maybe just thinking right first I’ll get them on my newsletter list. And how can you build from there? So it’s how you’re getting people on your customer journey. But yeah, it’s nice to see every now and again elements of what you can purchase and see people’s work. But it’s not every single post. You don’t wanna be saying Buy, buy, buy, buy. Because it just comes across really salesy and we know ourselves and we see anything that’s too salesy or purchase from me, it adds no value. And if you don’t need a diary at that particular moment in time, you just skip past it, don’t you? So it’s adding no value. But yeah, a shopable element is something that we’re definitely gonna see.


And whether that’s, if you’ve got a service, maybe thinking how can you integrate that into something like adding onto your website to get something free, like a download or an ebook or sign up to my newsletter to get maybe a 10% discount code or a free discovery call. You know, it’s how can you get people in and working on that offering, right? I, I’m really conscious of time now. I’ve I always think that I’ve only done a little bit and then I get so enthusiastic and talk quite a lot. So I’m really sorry, Suzanne.


Moving on really quickly, 82% of global internet traffic is driven by video in particular. Now we’re focusing and we’re seeing a lot of short form video, aka Reels out there. So we’ve seen Instagram move to really short form. We’ve got TikTok that’s obviously very, very short form, although they are moving towards a bit longer.


But it’s thinking, how can you get your message across without dancing in front of the screen. That’s my absolute worst nightmare. But the videos that I engage with and I really enjoy are actually people just telling some, adding some value, giving some information away, sharing a snippet of their expertise, updating them on some products at, you know, they’re the absolute nuggets of really, really brilliantness. And if you are thinking actually Reels is something I’m really struggling with. I know one of your members, Amy is doing a workshop, so I’ve found this that she’s doing this little little help. So she’d done struggling with Reels. So I thought that was really relevant and just wanted to share that she’s on Instagram. This is sharing a little bit about Reels and how to make them. But I do really love the fact if anybody’s not creative like me, that on Instagram you can use templates.


So if you see a Reel you like there’s a little button, there’s anybody spotted this that says use the template. Hooray, so you can snatch or borrow or you know, recreate somebody else’s Reel and add your business to it and make it relevant to your business. Which is just fascinating because that’s just, just that’s music to my ears because I bet most of you go to make these Reels and go, ooh, or you just dunno where to start because your mind’s just boggling with all these creative people. So Amy’s got this, which is brilliant little thing that she’s doing that’s for free. So that’s amazing. I thought that’d be fascinating that maybe potentially everybody will maybe want to look into that, right?


I’m gonna scoot on customer service. So another sort of heavily thing that we can see people getting involved with on social media mostly getting in touch about a good or bad experience.


I would say to you now if you are thinking the sort of signal of success as you grow in social on in your business is always gonna be, you’re gonna get some bad feedback. I would say to each and every one of you write what your bad feedback response is right now. Yeah, exactly Helen, your worst nightmare. So write it down now what your emotion would be, how you would deal with that. Because then there’s no emotion and I know you shouldn’t have, you shouldn’t take it personally, but we do take it personally when it’s our business, don’t we?


So write your response of what it would be, what you would say if you got some bad feedback online. Cause with growth and more success also comes what, who we learn the most from. Oh gosh, we’re having a delivery done Catherine’s doing. So yeah, 22% of customers want to hear back and the response time is really, really quick.


You’ll hear, however, you’ll notice that only half of the brands are meeting this. Has everybody got auto response set up on their sort of Facebook and Instagram. Once you do it on one, it automatically does it on the other. So yeah, just think and it also manage people’s expectations. You can write in the bio of any social media profile as well that this isn’t maybe where you commonly spend a lot of time. So manage people’s expectations and say that maybe say if you want a more urgent response, please don’t like get in touch with me here. Maybe email me or ring me and give them sort of, you know, like it’s a little bit of a backup isn’t it? If you say in your bio on that profile, if you are not regularly on LinkedIn or you’re not regularly on Twitter, say this is my preferred method if you are wanting to get in touch with me.


Because I’ve got a little bit of some stats and some research with people are heavily using these platforms for customer engagement and wanting customer service and nine times out of ten I could be wrong, but I feel like it’s people want something for free while they’re moaning. So while they’re getting in touch. So I would say take that conversation offline as quickly as you can, but definitely deal with it.

Don’t leave it negative. I had somebody that had a Google review for instance and they didn’t get back to it for six years so they left it there for six years and didn’t say anything. And I said, Well, well why didn’t you just respond with, I’m really sorry this happened. Let’s have a conversation and take it offline. He says, I didn’t know what to do so I just said nothing. I said but six years that potentially could be driving away six years worth of business because they’ve seen that one review and you’ve not got back to them.


But he had been going in business for 15 years. But you think, well yeah, no, but six years. Just definitely get back to people. That would be the only thing I’d urge you to do, right? Has anybody got any questions on this? It’s been a real whistle stop tour, but I want to get onto the surgery cause I’m conscious of time. Sorry about this. I do get passionate and chatty so this is your time to ask me questions. Have I brought up a particular thing that’s resonating with you or is this something that you are thinking, God, anything, just ask away, put your hand up, ask. It’s been a real quick draw on five things that I think are really relevant to everybody’s business. Hopefully moving forward into 2023. And I’ve hopefully given you some examples and got your brain ticking. Has it been useful? Anybody got any questions? Oh, we did have some questions. I’ll go to my questions first and answer those. That sounds


You answer one of the questions you’ve already got while people are thinking of theirs.


Perfect. I will. And I know Jill’s got a question. Do you want go with yours Jill?


Okay. Can you hear me?




Well it’s a bigger question really. It’s hard to talk to customers or potential customers where nobody’s really buying anything at the moment. Everybody’s worried about money and everything’s gone a bit. I I don’t sometimes dunno what to say or the tone.


Yeah, perfect. I think Jill what do you do first?


I make jewellery and clocks, quite eccentric.


They don’t need it. They might want it.


Yeah, they might not need it when they might want it. Perfect. Well what I would do then is go back to looking and thinking of your customers in the past. So who have been your customers in the past? Can you make them into sort of customer zones? Like this is obviously going back to who are target audiences and thinking can, can you create them into real life people? Can you book them up? Can you think what’s coming up and what’s relevant in their life and why did they purchase in the first place? Was it to spark joy? Was it to you maybe need to talk to Catherine on this one? Is it she can help you with some interior design and get some clocks in, but it’s thinking why did people purchase in the past and how can you resonate with them to remind them of that previous purchase?


Yeah, that’s what I’ve been trying to get hold of. But I think I’ve been so sort of demoralised and distracted that it’s hard to get hold of that thing. It is something to do with Spark. Yeah. Sparking joy. Something that just pleases them and there’s an extra thing that they can have in their life.


Yeah and maybe even thinking, right, people might potentially not wanna be buying for themselves but obviously


But they need to buy presents. Yeah,


Yeah, exactly. So what presents might potentially they want to be buying now? I mean between

September and December there is loads more things that happen. So people still move house, people still change jobs, people still start businesses. It’s not just the big C word. So it’s thinking of what things are coming up. Perfect now it’s October, it’s Halloween, maybe. Have you got any Halloween inspired things that maybe are quite comical, quite funny and reminding people that actually giving is a great joy. You know, like is there anything that you can do some research around stats about giving and quotes about giving and all that sort of thing. Because then it’s shareable content, isn’t it? Because it’s not just buy this, it’s, oh, I didn’t realise that. Actually giving it sparks whatever percentage of joy to some, you know, like, you know, just thinking of, oh goodness, actually that’s really shareable. Because I didn’t know that about that. So you are adding more value to those customers, you’re giving them a bit more education.


And that’s giving something to them because yeah, they can have that, that feeling. Yeah.


Yeah. So maybe going oh, thinking about that sort of thing. Going back to your customers researching and thinking about their sort of what’s coming up for them and how can you resonate with them and how can you incorporate some of your, some of your products loosely into something that’s a bigger picture. Like you said, a campaign of maybe giving joy or sharing that little extra when people are, like you said, feeling a bit down in the dumps cause you don’t wanna raise awareness of that. You,


I have been a bit down in the dumps. That’s really, that’s really got in the way.


Well I hope today has given you a bit of a sunny side up and you felt a little bit like a bit more joy and you’ve been.


It does remind me that there’s possibilities. Yeah. And I did stuff on Sunday and that was at least positive, so yeah.


Perfect. Right. I’ve got, Helen’s got another question, I’ll answer that and I’m just gonna look in the chat as well. Oh yeah. Helen, did you have a question? I saw your hand.


It was just just really for Jill. So I would rather buy a good value gift than a cheap gift. I’m much more likely to spend, so I would be interested in seeing like how to maintain my clock, how to clean my jewellery to keep it nice. If you’ve got a client who’s maybe bought from you a long time ago and you’ve got their jewellery back and you kind of go look and it’s still as good as new and, and all that kind of stuff. Right. Just about the like the, the longevity of the gift cause that


Well that’s exactly what my core customers are like. Yeah.


So yeah, so somebody bringing in their, that they bought from you five years ago, 10 years ago, and you’re doing a bit of a service on it and saying, you know, yes, you’re gonna pay however much, you know, these earrings will cost you 35 pounds, but they’re, you know, they’re gonna last you 15, 20, 30 indefinitely in years, that sort of thing. Yeah.


I should talk about my materials and the quality. My colleague gave me these that she wanted altering and I’ve got to clean them yet, but she’s had these for at least 10 years and she’s got hundreds of my other ones we’re gonna do a bit of cross what’s the word? Cross market?


Yeah, like a pound per wear, that kind of thing. So oh yeah, pay for hundred and 20, you know, pay double the price for a pair of boots, but know that they’re gonna last me 10 years that rather than 20 quid.


That’s a good point. Yeah. Somebody just messaged me the other day saying, I’ve got these things and these bits of jewellery and I take them everywhere because I know they’re always gonna go with things and I’ve had them years and years and they always really pleased me. So yeah. That’s a good, that’s a good point. Thank you.


I have a question. I’ve got a question about Instagram.




One thing that I’ve been sort of struggling with over the years with Instagram is, you know how in your, you scroll through people’s feeds and some people have them absolutely beautifully curated and, and they’re just absolutely stunning and, and loads of interior designers or influences managed to do that. But because each of my designs are so different from the other, I found when I was just doing it naturally without thinking about it too much, that the overall look and aesthetic was really messy. So then I started in the last couple of months I’ve started kind of doing blocks. So I’ll have like one block of like six or nine where it’s one project to try. And so that when you scroll through, then you get like these nice sort of blocks that that tie in nicely.


But what I’ve found in terms of engagement is that people like the first couple and I’ll get sort of 30 likes on the first couple, but by the time I’ve got to the sixth or ninth I’m getting like one or two likes cuz clearly people are bored of seeing it. So I guess my question is what’s better to have a nice overall visual as you’re scrolling through someone’s feed or that every post that they might look that your overall feed might look a bit messy but each post is new and something different.


Oh, a hundred percent engagement Catherine. Yeah, I would say a hundred percent engagement and yes you are right people to look at some people if they’re vain. I think again that depends on your target audience. I think that a lot of people that I know on Instagram that did have these beautiful curated accounts said that actually it tied them down. It restricted them and that they have let go of it. They have had to let go of it because it was restricting, like you said, it was limiting their engagement and restricting what they could post. And actually Instagram had talked about, been able to obviously now we can pin a post to the talk can’t we? But they were talking about being able to move your news feed around, move your page around so the post, so it could be like still displayed well but a lot of, there was a lot of resistance and I think that’s been for the last definitely two years, I’ve heard a lot of movement that people aren’t worrying about what the wall looks like or the group, sorry, they’re not pressing about that because it’s actually resonating with their audience.


That’s important, that engagement which is absolutely key. Cause if you don’t get that engagement, it doesn’t go out to more people and you don’t get the you don’t get the exposure to you. So actually I would say pull back and whatever is success for your business is definitely worth it rather than trying to make it like you say, panicking about what it looks like because if it’s genuine and authentic and people are seeing it and like you say enjoying it and picking up that first post where you’ve never got some scrollers and you could maybe use the, they call it the carousel don’t they? You could maybe use the carousel to make one post about one project and then maybe give some advice on another post, then share another post. But actually having it all collectively in one place, I think for me I would find that much more like oh it’s one project rather than looking at nine different pictures of lots of different the same project like you said it, it’s more cohesive isn’t it?


Yeah, yeah.


And you were getting more engagement on it before so I think maybe go back to definitely what works for you and your audience is much better than how the grid looks.


Right. Okay. Thank you.


So the other thing I’ve got here while we’ve waiting for a few questions is somebody said social media, how do you social media to reach people beyond your local area? I’d like to advertise Zoom language lessons which obviously are not area dependent. I currently do promotion on a local Facebook group.


So we could tie this into the other question that I’ve got also is how to use hashtags for visibility. So you can use hashtags because they’re searchable on any social media site. That’ll help hopefully get you out to a larger audience. So do a bit of hashtag research beforehand. And there’s a business there’s a website called Better hashtag from memory which is quite useful. But also just searching in whatever search engine, whatever social media site you’re using to search like that one in particular is language lessons.


So whatever that language is sort of like basics for German or German tutor or whatever language Spanish potentially I would do generic searches on the keyword of what that what that service is that you’re offering to get out to a larger audience because they’re what searchable and what people are looking in. And the newsfeed will help you with those, how you use hashtags. But again be a bit selective. I mean Instagram had gone from 30 to 11 to seven to now something like four. So depending on what site you’re on, it depends how many hashtags. They’re sort of limiting. Saying using a lot is quite spammy. And on Facebook especially, I think people for a long time haven’t really understood what hashtags are. So be selective again and really search and see whether it’s similar content on that hashtag that you are using.


So hopefully that helps. Is anybody using hashtags? But you can have a look in the research as well and see on your stats and statistics to see what hashtags are bringing in people and how people have found that particular post. So yeah, have a little research and see what are working well for you and I like to say fail fast, sort of trial them for a while, some hashtags and then look at them, see if they’re working, see if they’re not working and change them up a bit. Depending on what you’re talking about. Has anybody else got any questions? I’m not missing any am I? Oh there’s two more.


Can you stop sharing your screen?


Is that helpful? Sorry. Sorry Helen.


I can just see more of your faces now. Like they like you know, I’m not like doing, not putting me concentrating face, obviously everyone at the top


Difficult isn’t it? Yeah, I can stop sharing my screen. Sorry. yeah better hashtags. Thank you for sharing that. Has anybody else got any particular questions of things that might be struggling with? We’ve got, oh it’s literally, it’s 11 so maybe potentially Suzanne wants to take back over but I just do you want me to pop my details in if anybody’s interested in following me or following up with any questions? I absolutely don’t mind cause I appreciate it’s been quite a whistle stop tour. I’ll hand back over to Suzanne and I’ll share mine if anybody’s interested


We’re still with you Caroline, what I was gonna suggest is add you to the members only group for a week and then anyone puts any questions that they, it’s in there if you are happy to do that.


Absolutely. Yeah, that will be marvellous. Yeah, really good suggestion. Yes.




Perfect. Has everybody got some takeaways that they’re thinking that they can implement straight away and they’re feeling a bit more, I’ve got this?


I’m gonna remove all the buttons on social media so people just can only email me so I don’t have to like reply within one to two hours before my head explodes.


Yeah, I think it is quite stressful. I call that being really reactive, you know when you’ve got every notification cause it’s zaps your productive time so if you just don’t have it Yeah, removing how they can access it. Yeah and managing, maybe even change your bios to sort of say it’s not monitored. I’ve seen that quite regularly that we are only monitoring this Monday to Friday, nine to five or whatever bigger businesses have done. So yeah, just saying that maybe email is the better preferred contact method rather than posting something on your Twitter for instance or just get rid of the sites that you don’t want is another, another suggestion. Just slide them out, remove them. Very difficult to do there but it’s not impossible. I’ve known a few businesses tried to come off Facebook in the last couple of months cause they’re like, it’s another stress and at the moment I don’t need any more stress. It isn’t impossible but you can do it in the settings but they really obviously don’t ever want you to leave. So


Yeah, it’s weird isn’t it? Cause I email businesses, I message businesses through and thinking I’ll do this now cause it’s out of my head, not expecting them to reply thinking don’t like just when I expect a business to be open during business hours but then now they don’t really exist. And I got a response the other day saying when I’m in the workshop between these times you won’t get a reply so I might reply to you at midnight or 10 o’clock at night or whatever. So just be aware that that’s how it works for me. And I thought, oh that was actually a really good idea saying yeah this is when you can expect it fitting in around when I am working.


That’s really good. And I added that to my signature on my telephone emails and said please note, do not respond now this is just a time that suits me in my business to respond. Because I didn’t want people thinking, like you said, if you are replying at unusual times that actually that that was normal and you expected a reply back. I was like do it to fit your work life but this is just suiting me at this moment in time. Sending it from my phone.


Yeah. And I’ve got a friend who’s a tree surgeon so he’s like, I can’t physically reply to people when I’m 80 feet up in a tree with a massive chainsaw, so you can messages on Facebook, you can ring us and leave a voicemail, you can send us something through Instagram but like I’m just not gonna reply yet cause my phone’s in the van and I’m not. So he was like, I just need somebody to answer the phone. He was like, cause I get back to the van after three hours of work and there’s like 80 notifications he went and 20 of them are all from one person.


Yes. That is stressful. That is stressful. Yeah. So I wouldn’t say that would be a good time to say if you have a bounce back on any of your emails any of your social media saying email me or ring me. I would pull that back and just change it like, oh it’s, thank you so much for getting in touch. I will respond within whatever. But don’t send them to do another form of communication. I would say keep them on that platform and leave it. Cause you don’t need an email and a phone call because you’ve said yeah. So be careful with that as well.


But I’ve absolutely loved seeing you all and I hope it’s been really useful and you’ve got loads of pinging ideas and you’re feeling quite energised about your social media and hopefully it’s made you feel, made you feel a lot lighter and brighter.