Digital: Social Media Trends for 2022

by | Dec 14, 2021

Social Media trainer, Caroline Wilson, delivers this four-part session on what’s trending and what to look out for in 2022.

So I have created a little bit of a snippet of what I think as small businesses we all want to watch out for, for next year. And it’s completely not to give you more work or give you a headache. It’s just to sort of bear in mind, take notes and have a little think to add to your strategy.

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Well, I am so excited about today. I’ve just absolutely loved researching this and finding out the information and just, oh yeah, I can’t wait to share it with you. So hopefully you’ve got a notepad and pen ready. However, you can have the slides and everything that I am sharing, obviously I’ve made a new little sheet, a worksheet, but you can have all the slides to watch back as well. I’ll share those with you. So that’s not a problem, right? So let’s go, oh gosh. I’m so excited to see you all. I’m just trying to leave all your faces up so I can see you all, hopefully. Right. Brilliant.


So I have created a little bit of a snippet of what I think as small businesses we all want to watch out for, for next year. And it’s completely not to give you more work or give you a headache. It’s just to sort of bear in mind, take notes and have a little think to add to your strategy. I’m not into sort of creating loads and loads. So this is me. Obviously you can see I’ve got my glasses, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be with you all today because you’re all Mint members and you can see, I already really, really like it.


So, okay. Here I am, Caroline Wilson, and this is a little bit about me. So I’ve had my business since 2014, I’ve been using social media. Can you believe it? 15 years. Oh my goodness me. I specialise in training, one-to-one, speaking and anything small business related for social media said that is my bag, but I’m absolutely not about making you have a million more things to do in your diary already. It’s about creating and finding a balance that’s related to your target audience and getting you on the sites that actually you want it to be on. That, that your target audience are on and not making you busier.


That’s what I’m all about. Sort of pulling back, reviewing, taking a little snapshot of where you are currently and then going from there. Does that all resonate with everybody? Everybody doesn’t want more work. They don’t want to be sat on social media all day. You want to be doing your business. So that’s what I’m all about. Finding a balance and working from that.


So everything that we’re going to talk about, hopefully they’ll give you ideas and suggestions of ways that you can incorporate this into your business and believe it. Can we have a few nods and shakes of heads and hands up? Is it sort of 50% sort of business to business and, and quite a lot 50% the other half, are we business to consumer? Is that right in what I’m thinking? Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Perfect. Right. I’ll get going.


So the objectives today, hopefully you’re here for this is to find out a bit of an overview for next year and to understand basically what will be relevant for your business. And then planning ahead, hopefully you’ve got this worksheet or a notepad or a pen or a piece of paper that you can make notes and think, oh, that might be an idea for me. But essentially, like I said, I’m not wanting to give you more work. I’ve actually created the top panel, you might be able to see, is what you’re doing that is mint. That you’re already doing that’s mint. Cause I don’t want you to think that you’re actually doing nothing right, because you’re already doing loads of stuff mint. So let’s keep going with it.


So that’s the worksheet I’ve already talked about that, obviously a notepad, a planner, anything else, make notes and you’ll get all these slides as well. So let’s get going. So in 2020 we had, according to Google, seven years of digital growth, I think we can all relate to that in the fact that we’ve all had to do this famous thing called pivot and see how we can go online and how we can create our businesses to be more streamlined and to get our offering online and make it easier for our customers to purchase when we were all at home.


So with that in mind I’ve only been in business about seven years, eight years nearly. So we’ve already had double that growth. It’s incredible. So the opportunity is phenomenal and for all of us, I’m sat in north Yorkshire, you’re all sat all over. You know, it does definitely mean I think the opportunity that we can work with anyone and it just makes me so excited that our small businesses are now firmly on the map as being potentially big businesses in the digital world. And it’s just absolutely, oh, it makes me so excited for what’s to come. Oh, it’s, it’s just brilliant. It’s just brilliant.


So, the other thing that I wanted to share with you that now over 50% of the population is online, which is absolutely incredible. So the growth has been phenomenal. I think it’s gone up so much, and it’s just shot up, saying to us that it’s not going away anytime soon, this social media malarkey. And there are some of you might not have wanted to sort of get away with it and not play and not have a go and just be, oh, I flipped the slide quickly.


So yeah, I think it’s just sharing with us that it’s not going away. That we’re, it’s absolutely here to stay now. Average time on social media, can you believe it? Nearly two and a half hours! That’s so easily done, but I think my angle with this is thinking right, if we are paying somebody, I know we’re all maybe small businesses and don’t have members of staff, but if you were paying somebody to spend two and a half hours on social media, you would want some more results. Is that right? Do you think, oh God, that’s the average person. If you were paying somebody, you’d be fairly distraught wouldn’t you? So I think we have got to really, really think when we’re getting on these sites, what is that purpose that we’re going on for? And just really be mindful of this scrolling.


I had a slide on one of my presentations that said scrolling is the new smoking. And I think that is a

hundred percent true. You can so relate to that can’t you? It’s just, you go on and it’s a mindset. So I just try and bring this out. That’s the average time. Now, if you’re even wanting to look into this further, look on your phone or your device and do an overview of how much time you actually spend on it, it might frighten you, but I want you to really think that you’re in your small business and unless you do social media, you’re in that small business to do whatever it is, whether it’s look after clients, sell products, you’re in it for those reasons, not for social media. So I really, really want you to be mindful when you’re getting on these sites.


Right. So what I have done is I’ve based, because I love data. I love a bit of data, but I’ve taken the pain out of that. I’ve clicked on this report that comes out quarterly and picked my favourite stats. And I want the information because then I want you to be able to take it and make it relevant to your target audience, to have a little think. Are these your target audience? Are they on this site? And have a think.


So I’ve taken the pain out of this 200 page report and picked out sort of the key elements that I think are really relevant for small businesses. So we’re still seeing no strange shakes that Facebook is the most popular site. Then YouTube, is anyone using YouTube? Is anybody nodding their head? Can I see anybody? No. Well brilliant if I can see some people then we’ve got WhatsApp.


Yes. What’sApp, incredible, are people using that for their business? Some people yeah as well.

Obviously I don’t want you to get on all the social media sites, but I’m just trying to put a little bit of sort of a perspective into these. Then we’re also seeing Facebook messenger and WeChat, Tik-Tok oh my goodness. Tik-Tok has seen a 30% growth, oh I’m already getting too excited getting into the stats already! A 30% growth since the last quarter since the last the last survey came out. So it’s absolutely incredible that we’re still seeing Facebook as the top one or should we call it Meta? But yeah, these are some incredible, incredible stats. And like I said, you’re going to get all these things. But the other thing I wanted to mention is that even though I don’t want you to be busy fools on everything. There is a quite a lot of overlap.


So we’re seeing quite a lot of people using obviously multi-sites. So I’m not saying that I want you to be on every single social media site, but do bear in mind that once you know your target audience and are really strong on your avatars or your different client audience personas or characters, whatever you call it, you will see that they’re actually using numerous sites. So this is really interesting to bear in mind. Like I said, an average internet user has nearly seven profiles. Can you believe that? How on earth can you keep up with all of that? But this is what we’re looking at here, an overlap, which is really, really interesting. And obviously you’ll get these stats, but on you can see on a unique platform that Facebook users are also on different sites. So you can see loads and loads of crossovers.


And obviously you will get all these stats, but you’re seeing that internet that they’re not just on one place at one time. Now this obviously could think, oh my goodness, what a headache I’ve got to be on all these different sites or you could think, oh, actually this is really interesting to find out because I can easily share some content from Facebook, straight onto it. If it’s a video straight onto YouTube, or I could start matching things up and changing things around, and one piece of content could actually go across quite a few different channels on different days. And you can actually make that content go a lot further for you. Is that resonating with a lot of people? Did people realise it was quite a lot of overlap in people not just being on one site? It’s all gone quiet. I don’t know what I expect, you’re all on mute! You can’t feedback.


Yay. Thank you, Laura. I love that. And Phil’s just laughing and giggling. Anyway. I can see you all, I’m watching you all. Let’s keep going. So, this is what they’re reckoning will be spent by 2025 on social media apps. Absolutely phenomenal, absolutely brilliant. What an amazing opportunity. Now, every social media site, whatever you are on now, their main focus, what we’ve seen obviously since the pandemic, it quickly popped up on Facebook, was shops. Every single social media site. Now, I mean on Instagram, you can add links to your stories. You are seeing them commercialising it, them wanting us small businesses to be able to have something to sell on these sites. And that’s a massive, massive investment and I mean, live streaming at the moment. They’re saying it’s worth currently 90 million and I’m just putting these stats into your mind just to make you think., Goodness me, this is a massive, massive opportunity for our businesses, live streaming.


Now who gets that? Everybody’s going, oh my God, that has given me the absolute shudders. But yeah, I can imagine. Yeah, it does give you the absolute shudders, but I think if you can think, oh my goodness me, that’s a massive opportunity. And if I had 1% of that 90 million, And I think that’s meant to be billion. I think that’s a typo. It’s meant to be a billion. So if you had just 1% of that, that would be phenomenal for the businesses, wouldn’t it? Go do your job. You’re retiring next week when you, yeah. So let’s keep going.


And the other one, online purchase drivers, I’ve put this in because I think this is so interesting. If you can look and have a little think, my goodness me. Now Nicola just identified now that actually, why isn’t the planner as a part of all your membership?


Brilliant idea. So under that little driving purchase for being able to join something or buy something one second, I just need a little drink. So I think that actually free delivery, who looks and goes, I want to buy that and then goes, oh my goodness, me, I can’t believe that delivery is whatever it is. But I think that does turn off a lot of people, but it’s ways that you can not obviously get the delivery for free, but incorporate it into your price to be able to offer free delivery. Because obviously that is a massive driver and obviously anybody going to do black Friday sales or discounts or anything like that I am really pleased to see a lot of people shaking their head. Yeah. I I’m really, really thrilled that when I’m looking across social media right now, there’s all these small businesses fighting back. Absolutely not.


And do you know what? I’m a hundred percent with you there, because guess what? There was something I heard on the radio this morning that said six months ago, every black Friday offer probably was cheaper than it is now. So six months ago people were offering something in their black Friday sale. Isn’t actually a sale. It’s just because you didn’t need it six months ago and you weren’t buying for Christmas and all this sort of thing. So they’re saying that it’s as much as I can’t remember the exact stat, but a lot, they said six months ago, most of black Friday purchases or offers or sales or whatever they’re doing six months ago actually probably were cheaper if not the same. So I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re not selling your soul, as I like to say, because people should want to support you and support your business and an offer probably isn’t going to attract the right target audience and they’re probably not going to be loyal and they’re there because it’s discounted, it’s cheap. And that’s the reason they’re purchasing. They’re not probably your target audience that are going to support you, stick with you, be loyal.


So yeah, absolutely thrilled to see you all go absolutely not, to that, yes. Fight back and say why. And maybe even do a little live. I’ve seen a few people do suggestions and reasons why their small business isn’t doing it. And my favourite one is because do you know what? It is the price it is because I am saying that’s the price and you’re supporting a small business. And I love the fact that somebody was just like, I offer you good value all year round and you shouldn’t want a discount.


Or like I said, it’s just completely attracting the wrong target audience, I think. But anyway, you’ve got all of these things, right? 



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We’re going to look into, that’s a little bit of an overview of sort of things that’s happening and sort of things. Now I’m going to go onto sort of like a few things. Obviously we could go on for hours and do a whole session on Facebook and a whole session on Instagram, but I’ve just picked out some really key things that I’m excited about. That’s sort of like an opportunity for a small business within the sort of few core social media sites that I think that you’d be on, so like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And I’ve done some other little bits and bobs, but as I said, if questions come up, how’s the chat looking, are we all alright?


Anything in particular? I’m just checking if you have, oh, was it nine out of 10 Marsha? I believe you had that too brilliant. Yeah. So it’s nine out of ten Black Friday offers six months ago were cheaper or the same price. Thank you very much for listening to that. And you heard me.


So Facebook or I’m going to go into sort of a little bit of the audience type. So, this is growth from the last three months and where people are at. So I’m giving you this sort of little bit of a demographic overview, because I want you to be able to see, is it still, are these going to be your target audience? Are they there? What sort of percentage are what? A little bit of a breakdown. So and this is the advertising. So I think the biggest stat is obviously I always thought it was more female and they’re saying at the moment it’s more male orientated on Facebook.


So I find that really interesting because I always believed it was a few years ago that it was definitely more females. So that’s definitely switched. I did a campaign for small businesses. And we

predominantly did that to get to female people on Facebook. So I think that that’s really interesting, but the split is completely different. Anybody surprised by this or any of this? Anybody like, oh yeah, I would’ve thought definitely it was more male or female? No, everybody. Alright with that? Brilliant. I am going to sort of skim over them cause you have got all of this information, so you’re going to keep it. So, and again, here, it’s broken down demographic overview about advertising audience and again, really useful information to see and understand when you know more about your target audiences that you can break it down and think actually there’s a real opportunity here or potentially it’s not.


You know, just to have a really good understanding. And predominantly we’re saying obviously it’s higher between 18 and 34 year olds, it has massively dropped. And we we all know that the word I suppose Tik-Tok definitely has had a lot to play for that. In seeing that the younger demographic has definitely come away from Facebook. I’ll keep moving on, looking at the you all. Brilliant.


Things that I think are really exciting that are happening on Facebook. So we saw the element of shops start. And that was definitely off the back of the pandemic where small businesses were still trying to sell their things. So Facebook created the shop function, and this is phenomenal. And I think now moving forward, and if they’re not on it already, you can already purchase direct through Facebook in the U S and Canada.


So that’ll be something that’ll be coming really soon for us small businesses to be able to sell your services or if it’s, you know, you’re service based, you could do one-to-ones through that. You could, you can change depending on your profile on Facebook, which is really, really brilliant. You can change your templates. That’s sort of the exciting function that they just give you a standard function, but this is something to work, go back and look on your settings. So if you’re a shop or a community or an organisation or a service, you can change your profile and Facebook make it more service friendly. So it is more relevant features should I say are available, but the shop function is absolutely phenomenal. It’s really great. And we always said sort of three clicks to a sale on a website, and they’ve sort of created that function for us, but you check out now on your actual website, it’s still driving traffic and you can tag things, sell things. When you’re talking about different features or different products, you can tag them, which is brilliant.


And it’s just all the while giving us that, that little reassurance that Facebook are, they’ve got our back. They’re looking after us. They’re really, really helping us. And the other brilliant function is, and I’m saying that you can’t check out on shops, but I did this yesterday just to make sure you could. I went on marketplace and you can check out on marketplace in the UK. So I’d actually bought some things I couldn’t believe you could do this. I was I, oh my God, you can actually do this. This is really exciting. I

didn’t know about this. So I think market place is often really overlooked as a place, but as a small business, you can sell on marketplace. So that is super exciting. So you can check out and sell your wares and sell bits and bobs on there as well.


So that is really interesting if you’re thinking, oh, so it’s another place. Is everybody familiar with that?

All I can say is marketplace is essentially groups, you know when originally groups came around on Facebook. It was like buy, sell groups buy, sell, swap groups. Wasn’t it. So off the back of this Facebook have created marketplace, which is essentially a local place for people to sell. Like I said, self sell bits and bobs, but it’s just brilliant that they’ve created a whole separate feature. And between shops and marketplace, it might be that you can have a shop, but also use marketplace as well to get it out there in your local area. If you have a product to sell, is that all making sense? Did anybody know? Who else was just like me and didn’t know that you could check out and buy things on marketplace when you’re a business? Oh, yeah, just an amazing feature. I’m really excited about this.


So I think I’ve done a slide for each one. I am sure. So here, yeah, this is what it looks like being able to, obviously it’s in US dollars because it’s just checking out at the moment, this is what it looks like to be able to do your shop. Absolutely. I’m just ecstatic about this because it means as well, although we obviously do want our own website. It means smaller businesses at the moment, you don’t necessarily have to have a website. If you’re in the meantime, just doing whatever you can. A really good tip actually about websites is you can, that syncs really easily into the backspace of Facebook shops is Shopify. That is a really great link. If you have got a virtual, if you have got products to sell, Shopify syncs in really well, but I won’t get bogged down in the detail.


Otherwise we’ll be here all day, just checking the time. Oh my goodness. Set up groups. Absolutely ecstatic to share this with you as well. I love the fact that these community pages that have absolutely taken storm in these last couple of months. They’ve become our holy grail, haven’t they? Our advice, to get information, to connect, to network, whether it’s business related, whether it’s hobby related, whatever it is, it’s finding your sort of own little people. And this group section, I just want to say quickly, obviously you can use the back plan, their back profile, cover page to sell things, obviously like we’ve just done it here. I’ve just bought this planner. I’m really excited to get it. But the other thing that’s coming in these groups, if you’ve got a community page is you’ll be able to as well sell direct in these groups.


So that shop function will be able to merge into groups. So that is absolutely brilliant for anybody that’s building a community and thinking, goodness, how am I going to be able to capitalise on this or they’re wanting to do like this maybe what’s it called? A membership, or you’re wanting to offer support in a group. You haven’t been able to commercialise those previously or directly, but now you definitely is something that’s going to be coming up. So that’s really, really exciting. And the other thing, so lives. I’m absolutely so, so so excited about this, but I know it gives every single person the absolute shudders thinking, how can I go live? What if the child comes in? What if the cats around my neck or what if I’m in the shop and somebody actually walks in, or what if my internet goes down, there’s all these things to consider, however, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


And I think we all have to start somewhere and lives haven’t become these fine arts. They’re not meant to be immaculate. They’re not meant to be, not meant to be, you know, like full scale film crew, and lights and all this sort of things. I think we’ve become so much more accepting of the fact that it’s life, it’s authentic. You’re a small business and you’re doing what you can to get out there. And they are a brilliant way of being able to give an insight into something, to be able to share a little bit of a

background and ultimately the biggest power, and the reason why it’s so much better than just content other content or things going out as a post or a video is because every single person that follows you gets a notification that you’ve gone live.


So what free, amazing potential has that got when you’re thinking actually on Facebook or my actual reach, I think it’s as less than 7%, see my actual original like organic content, whereas a live, they will all get a notification and they’ll all be able to hopefully get a notification and join in and jump in with you and sort of touch base with you and every single person when they’re watching you live as well, has this amazing function that’s absolutely massive is the comment function, which is what we’re all wanting. More engagement on all our posts. So that’s really prominent when people are watching you live to be able to make questions. So you’re really great to be able to ask questions on there. I’m a little bit nervous when I’m on social media, to be able to just pop out a question there because you don’t want to be left standing there, do you, when you put a post out and then you might say, has anybody else done this? And then nobody gets back to you.


However in a live it’s so much nicer to be able to pop questions out there as you’re talking and to people to get back in touch and as well, engagement is the biggest way to get more exposure on your accounts.

If people, if Facebook or any social media sites that sees that they’re engaging and people are liking your content and they put it out to more people and they see it, that’s the number one way you can get that. And as well, there’s something that I didn’t realise until a couple of weeks ago is something called you know, when you look at your stats and you think, oh my goodness, I don’t understand. There’s absolutely, there’s probably, there’s no engagement or not a lot of engagement or not a lot of likes, but my stats say, oh, so many people it’s reached.


But there’s also something called dwell that is taken into consideration as well. So when people are looking at your content, it’s that time that we hover and scroll, you know, these people that are lurking. So there’s something called dwell time as well. So if you can give people a reason to sort of like look and read, and you’re engaging with them that that also counts as well in your favour, this thing called dwell, which I didn’t realise was a thing. So anyway, dwell time. Is that a new one to some people? Is anybody like, oh, I’ve not heard of that? Yeah. Oh, well, I’m glad that I’m teaching you something interesting. If nothing else, right.


Just conscious of the time I’ve got quite a lot of content. I was maybe a bit ambitious with this. So, we have seen Facebook, oh my it’s going a bit blurry, but anyway, you get the picture. So we have seen Facebook saying that they’re going to have this umbrella company. I think that’s the best way to describe it. That it’s going to incorporate all their different social media sites called Meta.


Now this, I think is something that they’re rolling out. So it’s not something that’s going to come instantly. I don’t think the channels as we see them now are going to particularly change. I just think that now what’s going to happen is this, is that big vision. So in the next five years, you’re going to see a lot of things rolling out that might be different. And yeah, they’re going to be a lot of things that are a bit different and it’s going to get a bit Sci-Fi I think, with what their plans are.


But I think for us as small businesses, again, really, really exciting. And here’s a couple of reasons why, so these aren’t something that I’d really come across before. Augmented reality, virtual reality, obviously for some things and artificial intelligence, these are all things that’s what Facebook Meta universe that they’re wanting to create this virtual world. So what does it mean for our small businesses? Well, I think that at the moment, things that they’re doing, it’s sort of like being inside a video game, I think is the best way to describe it. But if you sell clothes or jewellery or I think you’ll be able to create spaces and people will be able to try things on, that’s currently what we’re seeing a lot of. And obviously I think glasses, they’re going to be able to put lenses into glasses to be able to see, so you can be in a room together. I’m maybe not explaining this very well.


It just blows my mind, but I think for our small businesses of what’s coming, I mean, it means that we can all have work out of our bedroom, work out of the office. And that space doesn’t particularly matter as much because we can create these virtual spaces where customers, where clients can be and meet. And yes, it just sounds a bit far-fetched and how is it still going to be personable, but I think in terms of sort of being more efficient and things like that, it’s really gonna be an exciting time and space for that.

So I won’t dwell on it too much because I think it just blows my mind completely to think that we could all be sat around in a virtual room, wearing our goggles and around a table and chatting, but we’re all actually sat at our desks at home.


That is probably where the future of training goes from this element, but Phil, you’re sort of going, oh, is that what it’s going to be like? Am I explaining it completely wrong? You’re like, it’s not going to be like that. This is how I’ve sort of got an impression in my mind that it’s going to be virtual, like spaces that feels like, yes, perfect. Anyway, I won’t dwell on it too much. It seems it’s going to be something that’s slowly going to be rolled out. So it’s over the next five years. So it’s not something that I think that it’s suddenly all of a sudden going to change. I think it’s going to be really slow, really integrated and yeah, just an exciting time and space for our businesses.



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So, Instagram. I have got, again, these stats that just sort of give a bit placement, so we know what we’re looking at and who the target audience are.


Again, really, really huge numbers. We’re looking at an increase again, which is brilliant. People going on there over the last quarter and again and quite an equal split between male and female. Now, that’s quite interesting. I always thought it was more female. But yeah, quite an equal split on that. And again, here we go. I’ve got these stats for you to have a little look at really, really great percentages, and again, no surprises here that a younger audience again on here, good target audience. But again, don’t worry about taking particular notes or anything like this. You’ll get all these slides. So don’t panic.


So, my sort of three things about Facebook that wants to talk about hashtags. Goodness me. Did they change their mind about this one? So the main thing that I think they’ve been saying is we got up to 30 and when it first sort of came out, it said, right, use all 30, go for it, they want you to use all 30.


Then it sort of came around and everybody heard this sort of change to actually thirty, really spammy. It’s too many, maybe between, I suppose, 11 was the cute spot. They were saying, weren’t they? Then last month they said actually three or four. So this is dramatically changing. And a couple of couple of things I would say about this is test. So do what is right for your business. Having looked at your stats and your statistics. So test it, see whether actually 30 still works for you. Is 11 better for you? Is three to four best for you? Do it regarding your target audience. What’s resonating best with them? Look at your stats and your insights. Take a snapshot, see what has been happening and why or what. I wouldn’t say go and jump on necessarily what is right. What they’re saying. I would say test for your target audience rather than going off down a tangent of, oh my goodness me. I’ve got to hash off all these hashtags.


Now hashtags, add context to your content. If that makes sense, you don’t want to, so research them beforehand, massively look into them, make sure they’re right. And check out what is currently. So when I say research, actually just pop them in a search engine, have a little look what, what is coming up and does your content fit with that newsfeed? Is that something that’s going to be relevant? And is that newsfeed moving really quickly? Cause if it’s moving really quick too then it’s a really popular hashtag and just check all that sort of, check it out beforehand before you just pop them in there.


Now we believe, does some people put them in the body of their text? Do they put them in their actual content or do you put them in a comment? And that was another thing that sort of came up, who was with comment? Hands up, was there a few people that were putting them in the comments?


Okay. what I would say with content, with regards to putting them in their actual body of the text or underneath as a comment, I would say again, test for your market. What I find really fascinating is that usually when you get one comment, you get more on your posts. Don’t you, it’s just getting that initial first comment. So I quite like to put the hashtags in the, in as the comment, I know it’s a bit fluffy and it’s extra, but again, test for your target audience. Is it right? Do you get more interaction when you put them in the text, in a comment or do you get more interaction when you put them in the actual body of your content?


I did see now this has never come through, but you know, where you can add location on your posts? They were also trialing adding hashtags into the person having a whole section that was hashtags. So you, so then it would be in Instagram’s formula. So it would be as a part of how you lay out your content. Now I was really excited about that, but it’s never come to fruition. Now that was a couple of years ago. So I’m not sure whether that might be something that they’ll bring in and then they can’t change their mind. And then it doesn’t make your, there is a bit more of a formula. So that might be something to look out for. But at the moment I would test for your market, whether it’s right to put them in the body of the content or in the comment or where you placed them. Personally, I quite like that, like I said, in the comment below, cause it’s getting rid of that initial first comment and helps with engagement.


But you are welcome to disagree, but I would say test your target audience. The other feature that is coming up is now that you can schedule stories. Now this is using HootSuite. But I just wanted to say that you can schedule and you weren’t able to do this before. And that’s coming through whether, I don’t personally use HootSuite, but I just wanted to check because I think that’s another thing that as a small business that, that spontaneity and that just checking it and being able to do these stories that doesn’t come, I don’t think easy to a lot of us that we don’t think, oh, I’ll just do a story. Do it. And we just sort of think when, where, and it’s usually not as easy as that. So I think that function to be able to take that worry that you haven’t got anything to share and be able to schedule it in maybe once, twice a

week or whatever’s relevant for your business.


I think that’s really sort of a brilliant move and really sensible and really kind, because we have enough going on without thinking every day I haven’t done a story. So that might take a little bit of pressure off, been able to, and obviously still been able to be reactive when and where, but just having a little bit backed and a bit of security. That’s really, really exciting.


Then now I do have, so I popped on here, a Reel, I wanted to pop it, does everybody know what a Reel is? So this is Facebook’s Instagram and Facebook’s sort of response to Tik-Tok. If you like essentially 30 second videos, 30 seconds, I think they’re up to a minute now, but they’re trialling three minutes and going up to five on Tik-Tok but, it’s sort of a mini video. I’ve seen a lot people, it’s a bit like a boomerang, but a bit longer, but we’re seeing a lot of people doing this and pointing at things when you’re thinking of Reels or speeding up something so here’s an Instagram Reel and they’re speeding up face painting.


So you get to see a speeded up version of something. So if you’re a maker or a creator, this might be a really nice way to plot out what you’re doing and show people in a really succinct, quick way. If you’re offering a service, it might be a bit of a frequently asked questions that you could do a Reel for. Now I’m not saying jump on board and get with Reels because this could be a real time sucker if you’ve never done them before, have a little research into them to see about your target audience, do they respond to them? And you are using new features, going to get favoured by the social media sites. So bear that in mind as well that you’re going to get, you’re gonna get more sorts of like engagement. They’re gonna sort of favour you for trying out these features, but don’t get too sucked into them that you’ve got to really give it a go.


I would think really hard of what could be a Reel and make a bit of notes. The things that stand out for me are frequently asked questions. Could you do a Reel on those or whatever, but the key to these and what also is going to be favoured is if they are entertaining. So bear that in mind, can you believe that they want them to be sort of not salesy but entertaining. And I suppose if we bear in mind as well, the two reasons why people use the internet to be entertained and to be educated. So that’d be really useful if you can use a Reel in that way, but they’re not, I would say they’re not something that I would say every business should jump on board with. I mean, if you’re a solicitor, I’m not sure that this is going to go down as well or an architect potentially there might be something in that, but not every profession fits well, I think, I don’t think, but that again is on your target audience who you’re trying to attract and do they respond to Reels?


Does that makes sense? Just checking the time, have a little drink. I’m going to go onto the next one. Has there been any questions, Suzanne? I’m just wondering,

(00:37:11): No.


it’s I’m just stunned by silence. Like, oh my goodness. So I am going to talk about this the next I’ve absolutely got a love for Twitter. And it’s definitely not dead. It’s been going, I think yeah, established in 2016 and absolutely just so excited for what’s coming up on Twitter. Now I used to say, this is the social media site for men because it’s just like quick snappy tweets that were up to 140 characters. But since then Twitter have responded and said they don’t want to stunt people’s conversations and flow and engagement.


So they put it up to 280 characters. So you don’t have to be precise about how you get back to people. You can do it without really thinking. 280 characters is still quite a lot. It’s a really, really great space to be at, at the moment. I think I have got, so why it’s really exciting is because we’ve obviously talked loads about lives, but Twitter have done spaces. So this doesn’t actually require you to be on an actual video. This is your voice. So it’s brilliant, think podcast, but think live into, into your audience on Twitter. Absolutely brilliant. You can have up to 17 different people on there hosting and chatting. You can also have, you can have, like you can have lives, you can have conversations and people interacting and asking questions. So it’s a really amazing thing. I mean, if you’re thinking actually podcasts for something on my hit list, I maybe wanted to do that next year, but you actually have a Twitter account.


This could be another way around that without having to have all the get up and kit and all this sort of thing. But I absolutely, I’m really obsessed about this because anybody on Twitter can join in spaces can have conversations, can ask questions. So it’s a really great space for learning, but it means also that you can get out there and give advice or however you want to do it, but it’s not as frightening, I don’t think, as a live because you don’t have to have your face there. It’s just your voice. It’s like audio, but you do get that live Q&A with the questions. So it’s not just like a recording of a podcast that doesn’t allow for questions very easily. This is a live space where you can ask questions. You can put it out there. And I mean, does anybody remember back in the day when we used to have Twitter hours? I’m sure they’re still a thing.


I have spent many, many, many hours on Twitter hours. Well now how incredible is this? They can be live as spaces. So these people that just used to schedule in their content for these Twitter hours now could make them live and have conversations. And it can be a real life networking hour and be so much more useful than what those hours used to be, like retweet my, whatever at, you know, in whatever Twitter hour. These are real life conversations that, oh, just makes me really excited about that. So that’s spaces, so it will come up at the top and it looked like stories. And again, everybody’s going to get notifications for anybody that’s on a space when they’re on Twitter and they come up really prominent on your phone as well and on your laptop as well, these spaces. So that’s absolutely brilliant, that little feature.


They did tweak it. They did have it as Twitter stories. And then they canned that completely off Twitter and responded better with this spaces. Cause they thought that stories would bring a new audience. But actually it just found that the current audience used stories rather than new audience, but I’m really, really excited about spaces. That sounds, it really floats my boat that one. Chatting and being live and yeah, the conversations, cause I think that’s what we’ve all missed. Isn’t it? The actual conversations in the room on these training sessions, when you do things, you’re not having those conversations, whereas that allows for that. Anyway, you can tell, I’m getting really excited about this.


Right Twitter Blue. So what this is, they’re doing a subscription to pay for it. I’m not really, don’t think I’m really sold on this at the moment. So it allows you to be able to be able to have bookmarks that are categorised, which I’m not really sure another place to store information. So I’m not sure I’m sold on that. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer on it, but it’s also a paid subscription. So again, who wants to pay for something?


And the other thing that I think that they’re thinking is going to draw people in with this Twitter Blue is the function of being able to amend tweets. So you can do, if you’ve got a typo, you can be able to amend them. But again, I’m not that sold as a Twitter Blue thing, but it’s something to think about. Bear in mind, if you’re big on Twitter, it might be something that you’re interested in.


Now, the other thing that I really liked was the fact that, oh, up here I did have slides. I was a bit nervous. So here, you can bookmark things to save for later, but I don’t know about you, if I don’t think that content is interesting, I’m not really, I don’t usually go back to something I usually take from it what I need and save it. But I mean, if you like lists and this works and floats your boat and you’re really into bookmarks, then that might be really great to be able to store segments there. So that means that you can say the content essentially.


Then the other thing that’s really exciting is newsletters. Now for me, if you are a Twitter user, and this is something that you’re active about but you have a newsletter as well, or it’s another way to get more content out there. So be able to get more, more exposure on what you’re already creating. So in here you can say, essentially create a newsletter with all your tweets from that week or the tweets that are relevant and give your opinion. You can get subscribers to that and they can even be paid. So it’s another way that people are capitalising on. It’s free to do it, but you can get money back from it.


So commercialising these sites for you. So a really great one, if you already create a newsletter as well, you can incorporate that content and just make your content that you’re creating work a bit harder for you essentially as well. So that is newsletters.




Transcript of Video


Right. We’re going to look at LinkedIn now, some stats on LinkedIn. So LinkedIn I think is the old, one of the oldest social media sites that has been around since I think it’s 18 years this year and essentially it was set up by recruiters. So you will see that it’s just as traditional, it still holds that format very strongly now, a traditional sort of CVs. And you can get testimonials, which are basically references. You can share projects that you’re working on and there’s loads of different ways that they’ve made small tweaks, but essentially I think three hires a minute are done on LinkedIn, but I’m going to talk about that.


So here’s some stats. Heavily more male orientated. But I think there’s a massive opportunity on here with some of the things that they’re coming through. Like I said, jobs absolutely brilliant. I love this function, this as a small business the, one of the big things that I’m coming across as a trainer is people coming to me and say, right, we need a stronger social media presence because we are recruiting and we need help. And I mean the kickstart scheme that Mint are running as well, heavily, heavily using LinkedIn as well to promote that. And that’s actually how I picked up for a colleague as well, some staff, and I think they’re successfully placing I think, three Mint Kickstarters in the next week. So and that was from LinkedIn originally, seeing that the Kickstarter was wanting a particular farming agricultural side of things.


So that was really, really exciting. So this whole section you can see, I don’t really do much in here. I’m not looking for a job, but being able to promote posts, chat, look for jobs. It’s still heavily a massive section of LinkedIn. So a really, really great place if you’re looking even to share, you know, just looking in general a really, really great section. Has anybody got staff here? Anybody know anybody? Yeah. A few people. Have you used LinkedIn before Marsha? No. Oh yes. Oh brilliant. Yeah. So I’m just wanting to hopefully yeah, so brilliant. Really great section, brilliant, brilliant feature, but still homing in that essentially LinkedIn is predominantly, mostly used for recruiting. Which is great. Yes. Three hires a minute I think are done on LinkedIn. Absolutely incredible. The other thing that I really like is this function of being able to voice note, how you pronounce your name because everybody’s names are different, we’re coming across loads of different pronunciations.


I really like this because I don’t, I hate the fact of being able to get somebody’s name wrong, but this, won’t, you can’t get the name wrong, you just press that and you’ll be able to listen. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve really been enjoying voice note feature on messenger too because we’re not seeing people we’re not going out, we’re not networking, but able to voice note and get across your personality, get across. Just a little bit of what you’re like. I think really adds another layer of sort of authenticity sort of like really genuine and people buy from people essentially. And if we’re not out there networking as well, I just think it’s a really, really quick resource and it’s super quick. How quick is it to get your phone and chat into it? It’s so much easier and when we’re thinking of business owners, I think it’s sort of, it’s so high how many business owners have things like, I’ve got the not got the word at the moment. So dyslexia, so things like that. So it’s really just, again, really, really helping the fact that this is another little function and you don’t have to write. How many times have you written something and then rewritten it, thinking it doesn’t sound right, but actually essentially just voice noting in and just having a little opening line really opens up the conversation. I think people get to know you without having, without being tricky and difficult. So yeah, I really love this little function. So I’ve been able to go there and voice note your name, brilliant.


The other thing that they’ve added in that I really like is polls. Now this is brilliant essentially to get engagement. It’s really brilliant to do market research. We’ve seen polls, obviously it’s not a new thing. But that’s something that’s come through this year, but polls are really, really great for being able to get market research. Like I said, and test the market. If you’ve got a new product coming or you’re wanting some research or anything like that, being able to test the market and see what’s happening. See if anybody would be interested in maybe a new product or a new service and doing a little bit of research, putting it out there. Yeah, I, I like this feature and it’s really easy if there’s, where they work really well is when it’s super simple and quite straightforward. And it’s not in-depth detail and more because people I’ve learned, don’t like to, when they’re scrolling through, when they’re scrolling, they just want to be able to quick give an opinion and bob off it.


So it’d be really simple and easy. So yeah, my top tip for that is don’t make them over complex with options. Make it quite straightforward. And my tip as well is when you’re on social media, try and write it for a nine-year-old. So it’s quite straightforward, really simple terminology not over complicated. Cause unfortunately when it’s over complicated and there’s too much to it, even though you’re sort of thinking people, giving people a lot of information, people bounce out of it and they don’t want to know. It’s like, it’s too in depth. That’s too detailed and don’t want to know. Okay.


So we’re looking at Tik-Tok. The most exciting, anybody on Tik-Tok? You see, oh God frightened to death. I’ve seen one hand up Catherine. Right.


So Tik-Tok has been an absolute phenomenon and it’s not just for dancing people as the, I think that’s predominantly what we saw on Tik-Tok was dancing originally. It has seen phenomenal growth, I think 30% in the last quarter. So that is absolutely amazing. And I’m telling you these stats because it’s just sort of really illustrating that it’s not going away and there’s massive opportunity in here. So yeah, they have seen in the last quarter, it get to 1 billion active users. That blows my mind now. And again, more heavily female dominated. This is the first site that we’ve seen that’s more female and less men, maybe men don’t like dancing as much, but it’s not just dancing. And the opportunity that I think is coming up here that we’re seeing a lot of is they’re thinking of ways that they can keep people on Tik-Tok longer, Tik-Tok longer and making the Tik-Toks be, they’re trialling three minutes and five minutes.


So there’s going to be longer content because I don’t know about you. I’m not that creative with 30 seconds or a minute. It’s quite intense and got to be quite precise and to it. It’s definitely a younger demographic completely. So that might rule out quite a lot of your audience you might think. Well, actually that’s not, not a lot of my target audience on here predominantly a lot younger. What I have been thinking about is if you are in the future, thinking about potential staff or as well I think that Tik-

Tok potentially is going to be a great place obviously for younger people. If you’re thinking apprenticeships or you’re wanting to get into younger staff, I think there’s an opportunity there for small businesses to have a bit of a presence to build up and about your business in terms of, for that section.


So I would always think why you want something, what is the goal here? And I suppose we always measure it in metrics of sort of leads or engagement, but one gent reminded me that actually sometimes it’s not all about volume and wanting more. Sometimes it’s about thinking of just really just wanting a place to share the projects that you’re doing or to share about the company ethos that you have. And I thought that was a really nice reminder, actually, that it’s not all about getting more, that actually it’s more about creating potentially culture and building up a community. So yeah, if you’re thinking in the future, I think Tik-Tok might be a great place to have a little bit of a fun and play around with. But I mean, I think tread with caution as well, cause it’s a lot of a younger target audience and again, it’s a, can be a bit of a time suck, but.


And the other thing that’s coming through for Tik-Tok is that I’ve popped on, oh, I have not finished that one yet. So the other thing that’s coming through massively on Tik-Tok is gaming. So we saw Facebook bring gaming out as well, but Tik-Tok are going to be doing games as well. So how that will come into play early next year, I’m not quite sure fully myself, but another section for gaming. So anybody play games on Facebook currently? A lot of people like, no, haven’t got time for that. Exactly. So again that’s something to bear in mind when you’re going on these sites thinking am I target audience on here? And is that something that’s going to align with my business and how am I going to be able to work on that?


So, Pinterest, totally underlooked. And I suppose I could put a million different things here, but this is super, super exciting. Pinterest target audience, it’s seen massive growth. Now I used to say that Pinterest is really good for interest, for anything that’s creative, mood boards, but there’s a lot of things that are coming up on Pinterest that are just essentially similar commercialising as well. So the fact of being able to buy products straight direct from the Pinterest.


Pinterest used to be and still is I think the best way to drive traffic to blogs as well. So creating infographics images and putting them on boards, but then linking them back to your website, one of the best sites for that. So do bear that in mind to think, oh, what is it? Just more images? But it’s a really great one for, like I said, driving traffic. Here, no surprises here with it been heavily female. So if I think sites, things that work really well on Pinterest, that I can see a sort of wedding businesses, things that have a product that are creative also don’t discount it.


If it’s things like community building sort of like interest driven, gardening. I think when I looked at my Pinterest board, vast majority is cooking. Vast majority is interior. Vast majority is sorts of ideas and how to, and things, creative things. So think how does that fit with your business? Is there something with a blog that actually could create an infographic or a blog that you could break down into different ways? There’s definitely opportunity there. So I’ll keep moving along. So I’m conscious of time and you might have questions. Oh, oh, I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. Brilliant. I am done.


I surprised myself just quickly whizzed on. Does anybody have any questions? I’ve whizzed through that. There’ll be absolutely loads of things that you’re thinking, oh my goodness. But essentially pop your questions in the chat I’m here now. We’ve got a couple of minutes.


Oh, that’s brilliant timing. Isn’t it. You’re as relieved as me, I think. Everybody’s like loads of things. Does anybody have any questions? Have any thinking, oh my goodness, this is going to be absolutely massive. Some things that they’re excited about, potentially? Anybody excited? Anybody going to brave a live? And when I’m thinking lives, I’ve heard a lot of people saying stuff is getting cancelled. Like actual events are getting cancelled, but don’t forget that you can flip these and pop them online. So that could be a live instead of having people come to you or hosting an event or even a Christmas party or anything like that, think how you could flip it and lives that I’ve seen that are really popular are a bit like the QVC channel.


You know, you could create a bit of a shopping vibe that is where we’re seeing a lot of success. And a lot of people jumping on, I mean, through the pandemic, did everybody have a local shop that did shopping evenings on a Thursday? They walked around there to do their traditional shop, but sharing bits and bobs for home interiors, clothing. Does anybody remember things like that? Think about ways that you can utilise lives as well. Right. I’m going to stop talking to see if there’s any questions.


Can I get you to stop sharing your screen? Just so we’ve got your more in-depth and Laura actually has got a couple of questions. So I’m going to ask Laura to unmute.


Hi Caroline. That was awesome. Thank you so much for that whistle-stop tour. I’ve got two questions,

I’m just running back to what they were. So one of them on LinkedIn you know, three questions, sorry. One was about Clubhouse that weren’t in your stats and I’m on Clubhouse a lot. Is that because they were kind of, you said the stats were October 21. Are they 2020s figures? So are Clubhouse stats not out yet?


No, they are out there. Clubhouse I didn’t mention because it had a really big peak and now it’s sort of declining, I think, so I didn’t really want to put it on, but yeah, I can send you the link to look at the stats on Clubhouse. I didn’t particularly look at it. But yeah, I think with Twitter and a lot of places been able to create and sort of mimicking the functions aren’t they? And I think Twitter probably is with spaces similar to what Clubhouse is at the moment. So yeah, I don’t particularly know much about it. What do you do, sorry Laura?


So I’m a productivity consultant, so I help businesses with that overwhelm, time management, productivity and processes. And I’ve been on Clubhouse, oh gosh, since March. And I’ve got an awful lot off Clubhouse when it comes to kind of moving my business in the right direction. And I’m part of a, a group of women and we’ve run a room every morning. And it’s generally really busy, I think. It peaked, it died away a bit when Facebook tried to infiltrate it in green room and then I think people were like, that’s not good enough, I think people are coming back to Clubhouse.


We certainly saw a little bit of a peak and it often coincides with holidays, but I definitely think that it’s going to, but I have always, it’s always got good traction on Clubhouse and there are a lot of Clubhouse users. So I just, if you could send that stat, so yeah,


I know I’ll add them in. Yeah. It’s absolutely brilliant. There’s 200 pages to it, but it’s absolutely brilliant to flick through and have a little look at. But yeah, it comes out every quarter and I think it’s probably it definitely is on there don’t panic, but it’s sort of, I sort of try and pick what’s trending, but it has seen, like you say, a decline, but we’ll see how everybody’s norm is sort of changing and where people are at, but if you’re getting good traction on it and your business, then I would say definitely stick with it.


And the kind of, the kind of people that I’ve met on there, it’s been really quite amazing for my business. So yeah, I’m sticking with Clubhouse


Brilliant thank you. Any more questions?


Two more, sorry, because I’m sure I’m not the only one. Newsletters have just appeared on LinkedIn as well. I’m waiting for my functionality of it, I know that I’ve not got it. You are meant to have had it enabled if you have over certain number of connections. And there’s another criteria for it, but I, you’re meant to be able to get it. If you go into publish an article, there should be an option to turn it into a newsletter. I haven’t got that yet. I’m still waiting for them to get back to me on why. Have you used it yet Caroline? Have you got it yet? And what do you think?


No, I have not done it yet. So I’ll be honest with you. What I’ve been doing. I said this a few times and a bit of people are like, oh my goodness. So when the pandemic hit, instead of going to social media and hitting it up and sharing that, you know, obviously we’ve all pivoted more online. And I actually decided that I wouldn’t publicly really promote my business. I would give my time to the Princes Trust. Cause that was the biggest area of people that were affected by the pandemic. So I gave back instead and I have been using my social media to raise money for charities to promote small businesses and to share funded and free advice basically for my community, because I just saw boom and bust essentially happening with my community. Either they’re absolutely, you know, cannot see the wood for the trees, so busy, or completely businesses disappear overnight.


So I just have, essentially, if you look at my social media there won’t be a lot of sharing of me saying, let’s do this and let’s do that. Let’s do the other. It’s more, like I said, to give free advice where people can get free advice and funded advice. And basically, like I said, I’ve raised money for charity on it and shared local businesses and just try to be a good community member rather than let’s pivot. And let’s do a Reel, you know, that positive, negative. It’s like, oh, that person’s irritating. I essentially just wanted to be kind. And use that, my platforms for that instead. So that’s why I haven’t really been out there doing all these things, but I’ve just checked now and I haven’t got the functionality. Let me have a check, can I do it? No, I can just do an article.


No. And I can’t either. It’s meant to be if you’ve got over a certain number connections, which I’ve definitely got. So yeah, it was interesting though. I was in a few rooms talking about them and it was totally split with what people think of them. It’s quite interesting. So everyone on the call check, it might worth a try. More things are worth trying to be honest, if you’re active on LinkedIn, see if you’ve got the functionality.


And my last question before I let someone else have a chance is on Pinterest. I’m leaving Pinterest for now. I may in the future come back to it because I’m a service provider. I don’t naturally gravitate towards it, but I was in some training on it a while ago. And I know it’s one of the biggest search engines, isn’t it? Is it the fifth or was it the third biggest search engine, but the time you have to dedicate to Pinterest, if you want to use it as a a platform for your business, you have to post multiple times a day, not scheduling and you have to post them to get the most out of it. You have to post them at different times of the day. You can’t kind of go in and do a multiple post all at once, can you? Is that what you know about it?


I would say, yeah. And as well, 80% of content on there is just re pins. So it’s really good for getting content out there, but essentially original content. Yeah. If you’re putting something out for your business, it’s got quite good in terms of sharing. Cause people save things. So yeah, again, I would go with a focus of what you’re going on there, but every social media site is consistency. We know that the key to anything is consistency. To growth, consistency to anything. And I would say, yeah, if you’re thinking depending what you are, if you are a maker or whatever, I would say, I would pick your objective of what business objective it’s going to help with rather than going on there and thinking I’m just going to play with this, to have a business objective in mind and work towards it. And then you’re accountable and you can measure their ROI. That’s what I would say. But yeah, everything is a big commitment, isn’t it? In terms of time. So you’ve got to see where your results are and just focus on that as a business owner. Cause we don’t have all day, every day to work on our social media, do we?


Not really. Cause then we’d be doing nothing, wouldn’t we?


Thank you very much for your questions, Laura. I might join Clubhouse now.


Yeah, do. Come in, come into the room in the morning. We run nine o’clock rooms every morning and they’re fab. It’d be lovely to have you in.


Oh, take care. Thank you, Laura. Anybody else got a question or questions?


We’re all stunned. Oh my goodness. Like I said, you can have all these slides. And I will pop in now the survey. So you’ve got it where you can go back and have a little look. Here we go. And like I said, you, if you’re, if you like a stat and stuff like that, so Hey, go Laura, it’s there. For all the informations, 200 slides, but it goes back over every quarter. So you can have a look, obviously the most up to date one is October. So where I’ve pulled the information from today, but I love a stat.


I would just like to say, thanks very much for having me. Hopefully you have got one at least takeaway. And my worksheet, like I said, is I printed it off is here, but essentially I want to say that you are Mint and do what’s working for your target audience and, you know, take a little bit of this with a pinch of salt.


And if you’re going to go and start and do something new, have a plan and a business objective that it’s going to fit to. Is that okay? Rather than just thinking, I am going to go and do this, have a little business objective in mind, but hopefully that’s been really good and hopefully I will see you again soon. I’ve popped my LinkedIn there as well. And I think at the top, so I’ll do that again. So if you want to find me and connect with me, that’s absolutely fine. And you can see, obviously my posts here, little bit redundant. I think LinkedIn is the one that I’m most on. Let me do that quickly again, but thank you very, very much.