Digital: FB Foundations (publishing tools)

by | Jul 10, 2020

In this Facebook Foundations video, we cover using our Publisher Tools on our Facebook page to open up many other options for publishing our posts, for example, choosing different demographics to share the posts with, making sure we can schedule posts, link to Instagram and run polls on our Facebook pages.

This video moves us away from the basic skills we need to run a successful Facebook business page.

Transcript of Video

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. So here we go, I put a poll out, you all came and answered on the poll that more people wanted to know a bit more about publishing on creator studio. So let me just introduce the session. This is what the learning objectives are for you this morning. Okay. I just want to have a really quick recap of what you can do from your Facebook page, cause it’s changed significantly. And then we’re going to go into the publishing options and publishing tools. Have a look around the creator studio and at the end, I’m going to offer you a completely non obligatory, but I’ve got to do it, come on now, a one week trial, so you can look at and watch so you can join the community for a week and see what it’s like, but I’ve just finished putting six other training videos for Facebook on there yesterday, Facebook foundation.

So I’m going to give you a one week trial to come in and watch everything else that we’ve been doing about Facebook. And if you were to come in, I’ll probably have had another six videos on by the end of next week. Anyway. So that’s you learning objectives, and this is what the session is, right?

You’ve just introduced yourself in the chat. Anybody who has just joined us, please, please, please introduce yourself in the chat so we know who you are, but I would like you also now to tell me any issues you’ve got with publishing, right? Anything that bothers you publishing in Facebook. Okay? Whether it’s the content, whether it’s what to think about, you know, doing videos or whether it’s actually using the platform. What do you struggle with Facebook? Start shoving that through the chat, please. So I can have a look at that.

Okay. And then we’re going straight into the Facebook page. We’re going to look at Publisher until half past 10. I’m going to give you a chance just to go and get another cup of tea. Back in a creative studio. Lots of chances for questions. And then obviously right at the very end, I’ll give you an exclusive offer to come into Mint, if you wish. Right?

Let me see. Right, hi Amy. Hi Amy. So Ebony says she’s terrible for just sharing her Instagram content and just update the links and tags, but it is a way of doing it. Isn’t it? It makes sure that if you put stuff in Instagram and Instagram’s your main place, it goes straight into Facebook. What we need to consider really is if that audience is different on Facebook for Instagram. Jamie is struggling with a plan for content.

Jamie, I’ll just say that we’re doing social media strategy at the back end of August in Mint. So if it’s something you really genuinely want to know about, talk to us about that, but it is, it is really hard because we tend to go all over the place, don’t we? We go all over the place with our content, but which platform is working for you? That’s, what’s really important, which works best?

For me, Nikki, live video, hands down, hands down, live video. Okay. So I know that because we’ve just done 75 live videos over the last three months, I can really get an understanding for what content works best on the page. So I posted to Facebook link to Instagram too. I don’t know whether I’m putting it in the right content for my group.

That is about really knowing your customers on your Facebook page. And are you posting the right content for them? Can you keep this coming through? This is awesome. Put everything in there. All right, let’s get out of this then. Just to let you know, you might see messages pop up. I have tried for four years to get the messages to stop popping up and I simply can’t turn the notifications off. Just seems not to work on this account. So if you see anything, I’ll just ignore it and I’ll quickly whip away from it. Okay. But let’s, let’s get started cause I’m a little bit behind time by two minutes. And I’ll stop sharing after every bit I’ve done so I can come back and see what your questions are. Okay. But just for us to know, what’s changed in our business, Facebook page?

Now, how many of you, tell us in the chat, how many of you just use your phone to post stuff and not your desktop version? Because the desktop version is still where the majority of all the functionality is, the apps are catching up, but your desktop has got far more going on. Okay. So let me just hide that. Okay. And let me just hide the floating meeting control. So if you’re ever presenting, you want to hide your floating meeting controls, that’s how you do it. Okay.

So to do a post, what we’ll see is this, this is changed here. And the reason I started doing this course, okay, is because everybody lost the functionality todo polls and everybody lost the functionality to schedule posts from your Facebook page. But what we’ve got is this bit here that’s popped up.

Create a live, create an event, create an offer, create a job. And when we click in to create a post on our Facebook business page, we can see we’ve got these options, support a charity, do your check-ins, you know, put your photos and videos, get your messages.

They’re all still there. We can’t schedule anymore from here. And we can’t actually do this poll. And a lot of people are like, the polls have gone. You can only do polls in groups. Well, it’s absolutely not true. We can do polls, but you must go through to publishing tools. And this is this bit underneath. Okay? So you will see this. If you are using your Facebook page on your desktop.

So I’ve got to click through to publishing tools, right? So to keep us on track, your publishing tools are always going to be in the top menu. Okay? I’m not going to assume anything or that anybody knows exactly what this is going on and what you can see when I’ve gone into Publishing tools. And I’m looking down the left-hand side, you can see I’ve got loads and loads options for loads of different stuff.

I’m not going through everything. I’m going to stick in publishing tools with create a post and the creator studio. But when you get onto your desktop version, you can have a look at all of this for yourself. Now you can see along the top of our account, we’ve now got this huge drop-down menu that didn’t used to be there a couple of years ago, but Facebook have added so much in these last months that it’s now we’ve got this dropdown menu.

For some reason, I’ve now got 81 notifications in there! That’s fantastic. That’s something to look at today, but what we’re looking at is Publishing tools has come out of this drop-down menu and is now here, okay. It’s now jumped out. It normally sits in the drop-down menu, but it’s jumped out to be a full tab. That’s the tab we’re in.

Now what you can see is you can see in here when I’ve come in, it’s another place where they’re telling you your engagement on your posts. So I’ve just put these two on this morning. And this is where I can’t remember, sorry, who was talking about whether the posts were resonating with your audience.

This is the kind of stuff, it’s different training, but when you’re looking at your insights for your posts, this is where you learn whether or not your posts are working for your audience. And you can see here that the reach and the engagement on that video far strips anything else I do, right?

On that, if you just were looking at those, there’s the two videos, there’s a photo of the new office. There’s another video, depending on what I’m doing, depending on whether people are getting notifications, the videos on our page, absolutely strip everything else.

Down the left-hand side in your publisher, we’ve got stories and you can archive your Facebook stories.

You might be pushing them through Instagram. We’ve got all of this option on posting. So publish posts. That’s what you’re seeing here. Your scheduled posts, your drafts and your expiring posts, which means you can set a post to run out on a specific date. This is really useful if you’re running competitions or anything that’s got a life, a short life span. You want it to finish on that date. When that competition finishes, you could do an expiring post.

We’ve got the videos, the video library, videos you can cross-post depending on who you’re working with. We’ve got this creator studio and your sound collection, branded content, lead ad forms, instant articles, your shop, your event. All of this stuff is there in your publishing tools and there’s absolutely no way in one hour we can cover all of that, but let’s just go into create a post.

Create a post. Now, you saw on the Facebook page what has disappeared? There were things we couldn’t do, and it’s all moved into this bit of your publishing page. Okay. Your publishing posts, your publishing tools. The stuff that missed off of the homepage is in here now. So what, we can see is again, you’ve got that event, offer a job at the top, but you haven’t got the live there.

On the homepage the live option was there, but not here. So what we need to do is we need to come into the ellipsis, these three dots. Whenever you’ve got an ellipsis, there is information behind that. Okay? And when we look in there, that’s where your poll is. So we can do polls on our Facebook business pages.

It’s still just got two options, mind. In a group, you can put loads of options, but on your business page, you can do a two-option poll. But also we’ve got the photos, we’ve got the bookings, events, offers, jobs. All of this is in here.

So let’s just click into what this poll looks like. Most of you maybe, might set up a poll for your business, but I just wanted to have a quick look in here. You know, you’ve got your option one and your option two, you can put your gifs, you can put your photos in there, but you’re asking the people who are fans of your page, an A or B option? Do you like this or this? Which is your favourite colour, this one or this one? You know, if I was going to serve you a new milkshake, would it be this flavour or this flavour?

You actually are all sitting here because of the poll I put on the Facebook group. That you’re all part of, you know, do you want LinkedIn or do you want Facebook training? And a poll is an amazing, amazing way to get people talking to you. Amazing way to get people talking to you. So I definitely recommend using it as a type of content.

Now, the difference in here, this is why I really wanted to start delivering this training. The difference in here is that you’ve got so many different options of how to share this post that you’re about to create. The first thing is you’ll notice you can share it onto Instagram from here. So for years, people were calling out that Facebook should go to Instagram instead of Instagram, just to Facebook. This is one of the places you can link your Instagram account. You can do your posts in here and it can go onto both platforms at the same time.

It stops you having to go to a third-party app to do this on, you know, you can do it just here. That’s the first thing. But the second thing is, is what I really want to show you is within this option of where you share. So we can’t schedule at all from the homepage, that functionality had gone. It’s come in here. So you can come in your publishing tool, you can schedule your posts. You could backdate that, you could save it as a draft, but this is where your scheduling option is.

In your where you share it to in the news feed, I’m not sure that many people know you’ve got actually four options of where you would share that post from your publishing tool. Now, this is definitely not on that homepage. Okay. And I was looking at this the other day, I did this with a group and I was like, wow. Cause I hadn’t seen this. I hadn’t seen it.

So we’ve got all of these options with whom to share our post. Okay. The bottom one, it’s really easy. You want to share this post with only your top fans. So you know, all those people who love your brand and they’ve got the top fan button switched on and they’ve got that and they’ll get proud and they always come and talk to you.

We always have a few for us. It’s obviously a lot of our members, you know, that they’re always interacting and they’re always engaging, they like your posts, they share your stuff. And then they get that option to turn that top fan badge on. Imagine if you did a piece of content that just your top fans saw. So what would that look like? Would it be a special offer? Thank you for being a top fan, would it, would it be a discount?

Would it be some private training? What could that be? Okay. And we’re not doing sort of content creation today, but think about it. You could send something out just to your top fans. Nobody else is gonna see it. And then you could track whether or not your top fans get in touch with you. Right. And if it works, cause your top fans are probably those people who buy from you, or certainly who are more engaged with your page than anybody else’s. They’re not just regular fans, they’re your top fans. So that’s option one.

And then we’ve got public and you know that. It’s just, you share with everybody on Facebook. Right? And we, we wonder always how many people are going to see that, don’t we? But then we’ve got these two restricted audiences. Okay. And these are very close to looking like advertising.

So any of you who do boosted posts or ads, alright, restricted audience. We could send a post from here to a very restricted audience. Okay. That’s it. So age 25 for me, maybe because our average age of our members is 25. Plus they’re going to be in a specific place. I might choose Newcastle and around, okay. Not Newcastle, New South Wales, and then language. We might be trying to target people with different languages. It’s targeted, this restricted audience, it’s very targeted, but it’s very limited. You know, you’ve just got age and location and language. That’s all you’ve got, but there might be something in your business, in your plan and your strategy that says, I really want to get to 25-year-olds who were in Newcastle with this bit of content. And that bit of content will be written specifically for them in a way that would engage them.

So we’ll just cancel out of that because the next option you’ve got is newsfeed targeting. Now this will be much more targeted. Okay. And it looks like setting up an ad. It looks like boosting posts, but it’s not, it’s not paid for. It’s just an option for you to go in and target a different audience. Okay. So in here, we’ve got interests. So for me, it might be someone interested in business and industry. There’s loads of people. You know, people who are interested in business, but I could choose, I dunno, self-employed. Cause our club is 90% self-employed people self-employed. So I would type in a couple of times, self-employed, and see what different options I’ve got. Self-employed and loving it. Love that hashtag. Okay. So I’m going to put those interests in there. And then I’m going to think about the demographic.

Now, this is where you really need to know who you’re targeting. So you’re either targeting people you’ve already got or new people. How old are they? Maybe I would choose, I dunno, 40 plus. Or have you got a distinctly female audience? Have you got a distinctly male audience, or are you’re not bothered and going out to all of the genders?

Locations and languages, and then it will give you your estimated number of the reach. Okay. This is a really good place to test or the types of content. And it’s a really good place to be doing this, to get used, to setting up your boosted and your adverts. It gets you into a mindset for targeting in on a very specific audience. You know, when you, when you’re setting up the adverts, it becomes far, far more specific than this, but this gives you just that option, that option to have a look and to, to think about what kind of content you might post to just this group of people and then a different group of people and then a different group of people.

And then you compare the results in your insights and you think, do you know what? Group one was the best responding group. So I’m going to go back out there and I’m going to, I’m going to send more content out to them. And this here, most people don’t know it’s here. Okay. Now, if you want to share to Instagram as well, we’ve got to remove the poll. Some things won’t share. Okay. So the only thing is, as you can imagine, Instagram is an image or a video. So what you would have to do is get your photo up with all of the choices that you’ve got. You’re going to probably just get one photo up. Let’s use Alan bless him, cause I’m sure he would love that. So there’s Alan, there’s your text going in. There’s your hashtags. Remember you can use, what is it? 30, 35 hashtags on Instagram, so it’s whether or not you want those on your Facebook page as well, need your hashtags for Instagram and then literally connect your Instagram account and then off we go and share, okay.

It doesn’t, as I found out this morning, let you schedule to Instagram here. So if I was to schedule that till 11 o’clock in this bit, it knocks Instagram back out. So in this tool right now, you’re talking about putting an Instagram post out right now. Okay. So I’m going to stop the share there. Get rid of Alan, bless you, Alan. Shall we schedule the post? If I do that, you know? Right. I’ll forget it’s there! Schedule that post, so that’s scheduled for an hour and then what we would see was we’d see the post in the scheduled posts. Suzanne please for goodness sake don’t forget to remind me to take that scheduled post out. Cause I’m gonna be like, why is my face going everywhere? Or in fact, I’ll tell you what, we’ll come back and delete it in a minute, bless him.

Right? I’m going to just escape. I’m going to stop the share now. And I’m going to come in and I’m going to try and catch up on all of this chat and all of these questions. Right? Let’s have a look. Where am I going back to?

Whew. Gosh, you’re a chatty lot! So we’ve got some of you, some people who hate video, right? All I’m going to say about video is it will get you a better response than anything you’ve done thus far, unless you’ve paid. So if you don’t like video, the question would be is if it, if video is going to get you a better response than anything you’ve ever done on your page or your Instagram feed, what are you going to do to get over it? The dislike of doing video, how can you bring video in?

Even if you’re not in it, it’ll still get you better results than anything else. Everybody I ever worked with and have done for nearly 13 years hates doing video. You’re not alone. Okay. So we’ve got phone, we’ve got using both. We’ve got phone and we’ve got using both. We’ve got the app. The website, Jamie, is clunky. But once you know it and you get to know it well, which is what this session is for, once you know it, the functionality is completely different. There is so much more you can do from your desktop. And so if you’ve got a scheduling plan that you’re going to sit there and you’re gonna, I don’t know, put 10 posts on for the next two weeks and you’re going to schedule all of those. It’s far, far easy in my opinion, to sit at your desktop at your desk and then already, you’re good to go.

And then you’ve got your Instagram. I’m going to show you into the creative studio and you can schedule from in there on to Instagram. So you’re sitting there doing that schedule stuff. I agree. It can become clunky but there’s much more to do in here. So we’ve got a lot of you mixing both. So Julie, I think my page is from my personal page. Definitely. Definitely. If you haven’t got a business page and you’re just using a personal page, I would recommend to everybody, everybody, absolutely. You need a business page because people want to find your business. So for example, if you went and did a Google search on your business, because someone knew your business name, the not necessarily going to search for you as the person, they’re going to search for a business. Do you know what I mean? So part of all of that is you being able to have this presence because you’ve got a business page, you might have your business website, you’ve got your business, Instagram account, everything is coming from a business and this functionality that I’m showing you today is from the business page.

You don’t get it from your personal page. My group doesn’t have access to polls. It’s so frustrating. Helen, I don’t know why that is. I don’t know how big your group is, how new your group is, but you should be able to do polls in a group. So shout out later on. I might have a look at that for you. Definitely need a new laptop just like Suzanne did last night. Should I switch that top fan badge on? Well, if you were a top fan of other businesses, then you might get some content just for you, right? But the top fans and being able to see your list of top fans, which by the way you can, and I’ve done training on that. You can see the full list of your top fans really gets you to understand who is your top fans.

And so you could actually have a campaign using the posts in here for your top fans and actually asking those people personal questions. Okay. So keep posting your questions. Thanks Suzanne. Can you put in North Northeast England? Does it have to be a town? Could you add more than one location? Yeah, you can add multiple towns. So when you do advertise and it’s like Newcastle under 50-mile radius or whatever, but in there, because it’s just, it’s really stripped-down functionality. I’d probably put in Newcastle, Consett, Durham Sunderland, and just add all the towns in. So I knew that that base was covered. Thank you Julie, for that question, Ebony, this is fab. Thank you very much. I’m very pleased you’re enjoying it.

Loads of people just don’t know this stuff is there because we get in a habit if you’re using your phone, right. I guarantee you’ll do the same thing. Every time you post you click on the same buttons, you’ve got to get that thought or video, or you turn that video on and you do that. So you’re probably using, I dunno like a percentage of the functionality that you could be using, but we all do it. We all get into habits and you know, and Facebook changes every two minutes anyway. So how do we keep up with it all?

Am I doing a separate session on Facebook ads soon? Yes. In the membership. So we’ve got a lot of videos. We’ve got our 40 or 50 of training videos in our membership. So this is why I want to offer you the free week, because there’s so much in there for you and Danielle Stanley, who is absolutely amazing at doing the adverts for her business. She ran a session for us a few months ago, and that’s there for you to learn. It’s there for you already.

Are live videos better than recorded? Depends what you actually after. So if you went live right now, like this, anything can go wrong. Loads of trust-building, loads of engagement. But the live videos are smashing. They’re brilliant. You can’t hide in a live video. A recorded video you might use in different circumstances.

So I’ve got a few from some of our big events off last year. And that just has that much more, I guess, professional vibe to it. You know, it’s recorded. It’s been edited properly there aren’t mistakes. And it’s what shows off the difference between going live. I mean, I love the lives. I love it because of the engagement we get and the chat I have and we get new members because of this, but you could use both if you’ve got your social media strategy set up you’re going to use both.

Now, nevermind about calling yourself an ugly mug. I’m going to tell you off massively Leanne, right? You’re not allowed to say that in my training. It’s one of my rules, right? You always have to be kind to yourself. You individually. So you and your photos will get you more engagement. It is just that simple. So if we’re still a little bit shy about that, or we don’t understand that then come into the training because, because I absolutely know. And I’ve got 160 people who will tell you that the minute they start putting themselves into their business so people can see them, people build trust. Ebony, you do loads of lives on Instagram. We see you, we hear you, we know what’s going on. We trust you. We look at your products and your beautiful stuff because of that, you know? So it’s important that we’re part of our small business. We’re not a big corporate man!

We can get our message out there. You know? So I did a little studio tour, did a tiny bit of my face and switched to the studio. That was less scary, Heather. Fantastic. You know, it doesn’t have to all be just you because you want to share behind the scenes perhaps as a piece of content. I’m sorry, I’m breaking up. I don’t know why it’s possibly, because I’m waving my hands around in front of the mic. So I’ll do that instead. I don’t know that I sit there like that the whole time, but you know I think your personal friends and your family will be your top fans. Okay. Okay. And that’s helpful if they’re going to pass stuff out and share stuff for you, but really what you want on your, on your business page. You want people who you don’t know as well.

You need that audience to sell to. Is it best to schedule your live video? You cannot, you cannot schedule a live video. Your live is live. But what you can do is do loads of posts before that to tell people you’re going to go live at 11. So say the day before you kind of go right tomorrow, I’m going live at 11. Who’s joining us? And then an hour before, right? Don’t forget I’m live in an hour. Make sure you join us. You can do posts like that. So you build up that anticipation for the live.

Yeah, pictures of your face. Yeah, absolutely. Yes. Yes. And that’s exactly what so what you’re doing is you’re kind of building up anticipation. If you, if you want people to watch your live, or maybe like for me, it’s nine 35 on a Monday or Tuesday and a Friday. So our gang know that, you know, so if you get into a regular routine and a regular spot, you’ll get regular listeners. Okay. I think that’s everyone.