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by | Feb 13, 2020 | Member Blogs, Six Pillars Of MINT: Sales & Selling

Hi, Moira here and I head up the sales for MINT Business Club as well as, leading the sales training for members who run service-led businesses.

In this blog post, I explain how vitally important it is to build amazing relationships with clients and the time it takes to nurture those relationships. This blog supports the sales training that I delivered for our members in February 2020 and you can watch my supporting video here.

I love the Kevin Coster movie ‘Field of Dreams’ which the above line is repeated throughout and it is something that comes to mind for me especially when it comes to selling. 

Build a good relationship and the customers will come to you!

It is just so, SO important to have a good relationship but start with building a relationship.

Our marketing is a way of attracting our ideal client/customer and with that marketing, you are also starting to build a relationship. This can take a long time and might not lead to immediate sales, but built with care, will probably see repeat buyers who also refer you.

But what about cold selling – when you really need the sale quickly and haven’t had any kind of previous relationship with the person you need to speak to? What steps should you take?

Whether it’s a cold phone call, an email out of the blue or increasingly a cold message on messenger, you need to quickly build some rapport.

Be polite – always. You don’t know what’s going on in their world right now, that you have just interrupted, so start by quickly summing up who you are.
Ask them who is responsible for making the purchasing decisions (you don’t want to go through a whole sales pitch only to find out they are the cleaner who just happened to be wiping the phone down at the point it rang).

If they are the right person, ask them when is a good time to talk and if not now, is there a good time? That way you are gaining their ‘permission’ to call them back and you’ve started a relationship with them.

If it is a good time, include some pleasantry for example how you noticed them or their business e.g. ”I hope your free event went well today. If you have the time I’d really like to show you our new event booking system and how I think it could help you.” Be genuine, be authentic – if you don’t believe you can help, don’t call.

Now I can hear you all saying – no it’s not going to work!
But this is where the law of averages comes in. If you call enough people who genuinely could gain from working with you, someone is going to be just at the right point of looking into a new system or whatever it is you have that can help them.

It happened to me in November. My current mobile phone contract wasn’t working for me – I was blasting through my data allowance and just started looking into new providers when my phone rang – the chap on the phone was pleasant, told me who he was, asked if I was the person responsible for mobile contracts for my business and did I have time to talk (he said it would only take 10 minutes).

I did and I was very interested.

He then asked about how my day was going and then we got straight to business. After maybe 15 minutes I’d agreed to a new contract and we then went through the motions. He remained polite and interested in me throughout the whole experience. He made the call about ME – not him, or his target, or his bonus but about how this was going to help ME.

The same applies to cold emails or messages. You need to make it about the person you are contacting. You need to be polite and outline in the first paragraph that you know something about their business and you believe you can help them if the timing is right for them. Better still ask them what is their preferred method of contact, you might find yourself booking a 121.

So even if you have a small time frame remember to be polite and build that important relationship and by doing that, those customers will come, I promise.

How does cold calling make you feel? Would you like some help devising a better sales strategy? If you feel I could help, please do get in touch. We will work together to make the magic happen in your field of dreams.

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