In conversation with Ian Farrar

by | Feb 14, 2021

In the latest in our series of MINT Conversations, Nicola Jayne Little speaks to sales and marketing expert, Ian Farrar.

Ian Farrar is a specialist in driving growth for business. He is a coach, podcaster, public speaker and long-time friend of MINT. He told Nicola what it was like coming back to work after seven months off.

“You know, if you break a leg, it takes six or seven weeks to heal. My heart, my soul, my head, my
everything took seven months. And there was no way of fast tracking that I couldn’t, you know, I’m not going to start running on it on two big broken legs. I had to wait until I was ready. After about six months, I started getting really twitchy. You know, I was getting it back. I could feel me getting my mojo back. I was like, YES! And it was just a fact of like hitting the black book and just saying, look, you know, we worked together in the past. I’ve started my own business or I’m thinking about starting my own business. If I did this for you, what would that look like? Would you be interested in that? And then I just started doing small bits of consultancy for people and growing it that way.”

Watch the full conversation below: