MINT Information

This page contains information about some of the benefits of joining MINT Business Club.

If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to get in touch with any of our team.

Before you click though please take a minute to look at the welcome video from our Founder Nicola Jayne Little.



MINT Business Club has a wonderful community feel about it. Even though we are distributed across the North East of England, and beyond, we remain close in terms of support, advice and guidance whether it be through face to face events, our series of Blog posting and special offers or through our various Social Media communities.


We have a variety of training available each month to meet your needs. Topics and focus change from month to month and the schedule is set by the feedback we receive from our members. One month might be Business Planning, another Sales, another Social Media related training or developing websites. 

We also compliment our training topics by hosting regular ‘My-Time’ co-working and networking sessions. In these sessions members get to come along and work on their own businesses whilst also getting the chance to spend some time with members of the MINT Steering group & / or other members of the MINT Community. We always get great feedback from these sessions and the atmosphere is always fun.

Each quarter we host ‘whole group’ sessions in a central location where we invite all members to come along to a session focussing on a specific topic or to here from external guest speakers.


In addition to the MINT training schedule we also join up with external providers to provide either funded or costed additional events to members. These open up additional subject matter that we can’t normally provide within the MINT schedule but offer amazing additional value to your membership.

Special Offers

Members are able to add Special Offers to the website which are available to their fellow MINT community. This is done simply via their membership login and the offers are completely controlled by themselves.

Social Media

MINT is active on Facebook and Twitter.

As well as the public groups that everyone can see we also have some private groups that are specific to members only.

This is where a lot of the specific advice, guidance and support is given to our members.

Business Development

As well as being a support and networking community to small and micro businesses one of the reasons MINT exists is to enable those business to develop in which ever way is right for them.

For some businesses they have achieved the levels of return that they want or need, and so are just looking for the support element and ensuring that they maintain their current levels – and that is great, and they are very welcome in MINT.

For others it is about Business Development and Growth and our programmes are designed to help facilitate that too.

Whatever you want or need MINT to be for you it can be – but we need you to be part of, take part in and help drive MINT business club.