Marketing: 15 Content Ideas in 15 minutes, June 2021

by | May 14, 2021

Nic and Michelle Rose have been running a series of recordings featuring content for your social media and online campaigns each month.

Take a look for yourself and get inspired.

Transcript of Video

So here we are. It’s June. Well, it’s not June, we’re recording this before June, but it’s content for June, which by the way, is the end of quarter, two of this year. In other words, we’re halfway through. Okay. So in my world, that means we’re already planning for Q3 and Q4. Forward planning not just everything really ad-hoc. But, nonetheless, Michelle and I have just been through all of the dates and there are just too many to actually,
So what we’d like to do a couple, talk them through, throw a couple in there quick, but we thought this month we would give you quite a quick fire list of the days and the dates, especially after May was quite intense. We went off piste a little bit with May as well. So you might be flagging a bit after watching May and the recommendation is go back and listen to the other videos because we talk about making these dates your own. Tying the dates together, using them as inspiration, you know, jumping on the back of the hashtags, having a theme for the month.
Not ever forgetting to sell. You can always sell. You don’t have to wait until father’s day. So we’re going to give you a quick fail list this month, but that’s only because we feel we’ve showed you over the past five months, how you can really pick and choose these content ideas and make them your own.
Absolutely. So I’ll read the list. You jump in with the ones you would like to talk about. What the first one you said was father’s day, which is on the 20th of June. For those of us with our dads still, not with our dads, whatever situation you’re in Michelle, we can’t sell for father’s day, two days before. Can we?
No, no, no. And I think, you know, mother’s day we start promoting the day on boxing day, but poor dads. They only get like 10 days before, so you be the one. If you’ve got stuff that’s great for the guys and the gentleman in our lives, then why not start promoting it? Start getting in there early. I need people to stop being, Oh, I don’t want to bug people. What if I do a post? And what if I do an email?
Look, people can unsubscribe. They can do whatever, but if you don’t send it, they don’t know. So get selling and get those lads in our lives properly spoiled rotten.
Okay. So that, that means, are you listening? If you’ve got anything, anything at all, do not leave it until the week before to promote it. You’d be doing it right at the beginning of June. If, if you’ve watched this early, cause it goes up mid May, start now, just get on it.
And our restaurants who have got outside seating you know, if every day has to be father’s day in June, then let it be, because people are going to be ringing up going, can I come on father’s day? And you say, Oh, we’re fully booked. Ah, can I come on father’s day? Every day in June is father’s day. What day would you like to come?
Every single day? I love that. Absolutely. Awesome. Okay then, so to start this list off quick. Difficult content on the 1st for the stillbirth and neonatal death charity awareness month, and I was like, should we mention that? But you wanted to mention about sometimes content is tricky, isn’t it?
I think content can be tricky and sometimes content needs to be tricky. And if you think about all of the difficult conversations we had back in 2020 or the black lives matter, and you know, social media really supported and enabled a lot of those conversations and for something like stillbirth or being in your forties and gone through the menopause or you’re a man, and you’re feeling really down, you know, we do turn online.
And if you shy away from not producing the tough content, the hard content, you’re preventing someone getting the benefit of your support and your wisdom. So you’re not, you can, and some of us as well do have businesses around helping people heal from trauma or overcoming depression, whatever it is. So you, when you sell from that place of integrity and share your story, your customer story, and about how hard they are, they will resonate with someone. So this isn’t about taking advantage of someone’s heartbreak. It’s about speaking from a place of truth and integrity and knowing that it will help someone and it will have a ripple effect for those of you who are thinking about sharing the hard stories, definitely, you know. Definitely consider it. I know it can feel really difficult, but it’s, it can live out there for time and memorial and help more people than you could ever know.
I’ve just thought this completely aside, I would like us to, to do a run of five minute snips of the, the most often asked questions because one of these came up on training last week. How much do we let ourselves out there? How much do we share of ourselves? When is it too personal? When is it not? And Michelle, I think I’ve got a, I’ve just started writing down the list of questions that if you and I just stuck to that one question to go back and give people that one, that one little thing, because this is a huge one. So I would really like to come back to it, not now, but I’m totally putting Michelle on the spot, which is what I do. Well, what I’ve been doing for like about five or six years too. But they’re just so important. And I think you’re right. You know, when we share really hard content, you reach an awfully big, different audience. You, you find people who, you didn’t even know who you tried work. And, but it’s so personal. Some of this is so personal. So that’s day one.
Then we’re going to leave that on the first of June. On the 2nd of June it’s national rocky road day. Who doesn’t like rocky road, please.
It’s also leave the office early day, which is ironic as I’m still working on my pajamas at home,
But it’s national leave the office early day on the 2nd. Then on the 4h it’s hug your cat. And then also we’ve got national fish and chip day. I like that for the 4th.
World environment day and bike week starts on the 5th, Michelle. So there’s,
I want to go back to national fish and chips up there. You are the fish and chip shop that has been looking after its customers who are queuing out the door. If you’ve given them like a little chip butty or a little mini cone of chips, or you’ve given them like a glass of water when it’s hot, I don’t know what you can do. But sometimes I’ve watched these people outside the fish and chips shop like this, and they look so miserable there. By the time they get home, they must be like, well, I don’t know why I bought them. If you are the fish and chip shop that has the happiest customers. I want to see your content, which alludes to what is the customer service like in your business.
Absolutely. Excuse me. Back to it. Marketing is about good customer service. It’s about helping people get their messages out. It’s always about the people who are watching and listening. So with that in mind, you’ve got national yo-yo day and national gardening exercise day and national cancer survivors day on the 6th. So we’ve got a myriad of different things to jump in on that. But obviously we’re giving you this list quickly because you know, there’s just too much to go through each one, but we would never suggest that you do all of them at all, because that’s just going to be far too much. You’re just picking the ones that are pertinent to you. Yep.
My old pilates teacher has recently had a baby. So she might like to do some videos in her garden. Cause she’s on maternity leave and exercise. It’s also best friends day. You might have made some really good friends when you’ve been going through your cancer treatment. So you can see how some of these dates can be brought together and you can create something. And also if you can’t create something, go and see what other people are doing. We use community or collaboration over competition all of the times to see what your other local businesses are doing. People within your industry. Are they doing something? Can you get involved as well? So it’s not as much effort for you, but you can still get, you know, a certain amount of the impact.
For sure. Okay. Then Danielle Stanley, are you listening? It’s ball point pen day on the 10th. We’ve got Superman day on the 12th. We’ve got sewing machine for our Carrie and Aimee on the 13th. Were you just doing that? Do you know that song? What is the song?
It’s Superman, but actually isn’t that Bruce Forsyth?
Yeah, but really off piste now. Good one. Loving it. I’m not going to actually look at it anymore. Right on the 14th. It’s world blood donor day. Again, important. And it’s also, men’s health week that week. You know, there’s a lot of work, rightly so, done about women’s mental health, but men’s health, you know, it’s just as important. You might want to be jumping in on men’s health week, which starts the 14th. (09:37):
Yeah, Definitely because we know, and then even, you know, the world cup starts later in the month, doesn’t it? And tying it up and we know our hubbies, brothers, our best mates, our guys, not always great at talking about how they’re feeling and you know, how nice is it when someone just says, how are you after a year of working at home? After a year of, you know, how are you feeling? Do you need anything? Can, you know, do you want to come to our house to watch the first match? Even though it’s like teams I’ve never heard of, you know what? Sometimes, sometimes we’ve talked about this before Nic, that sometimes these content ideas will actually just give you ideas of nice stuff you can do. They remind us about what’s important in life and you might never do any content about it, but you might have had a really good night with some old mates watching the football, having a giggle in the garden. So yeah. Does that make sense? It’s not always about the content sometimes if it sparks off an idea, just cause, then go with it.
Just cause, absoulutely love it. Oh yeah. So the build up starts on the 17th, and then goes through until it concludes. But on the 18th, it’s autistic Friday. Something again, very close to our Michelle’s heart and mine too. So you know, there’s a lot of people who are not neuro-typical and, and for everybody, if you don’t know anything about it, this gives us, me and Michelle and you know, our families, our communities, a chance to just be saying, Hey, have a look at this with pride, by the way, we’re dead proud of who we are, what we are and what our kids achieve. And I think, with a lot of this, you know, I really do these days and think, where can we bring the pride? Where can we bring the joy? Where can we be just standing out and making ourselves stand out with pride and joy because nobody else is you.
You’ve got what nobody else has got, so this idea and your content and just absolute integrity, pride, Michelle, the word integrity has come up so much today. You know, I don’t think we should have to have a day called autistic pride day to be putting content out about who we are, with pride. However it will do as a reminder for starters.
Good. Thank you. That’s fine, Nic. Yes. All right. I’ll come back down off that one then. Refugee week is the 20th to the 26th of June and world productivity day is the 20th of June. We’ve got world humanist day, international day of yoga. Had to bring that in on the 21st because we have so many people in wellbeing in our groups and our communities. And the summer solstice is on the 21st.
Well, our yoga tutors teachers could tie up with our humanist celebrants and come up with a yoga pose and a little prayer that you could do outside, you know, at the summer solstice. See the ways we can work together. Cool.
Don’t know whether that’s been planned for all those three or who decided on the same day, but it’s very clever isn’t it? It’s national chocolate eclair day, which also goes with positive media day on the 22nd too. Take your pick, positive media and eclairs. Can’t see any problem with either of those going together personally.
So we’ve got Glastonbury on the 23rd to the 27th, and then international widows day, actually on the 23rd. There’s another example of difficult content. You know, this is real life stuff.
But again, it comes back to, you know, there’s hard content out there and let’s just, let’s not be afraid to. Yeah.
I mean, if you look at what the Queen’s gone through. The Queen’s lost Prince Philip after 73 years together, I mean, 73 years, being with one human. You cannot imagine that at all. And not many people get 73 years with one human. Do you know, whether it’s your parents or whoever it is. So there’s that, but for that person not to be there, I can’t even begin with
Whoever’s left behind it’s horrendous, isn’t it?
Why do we need that? Why do we need to be widow or widower? Why can’t we just be the one that’s left behind. It’s so sad. And we’ve got so much to celebrate, but so much to keep living for. So, yeah, but good. And I think Queenie will be at the forefront of everyone’s imagination because it’s a Queen’s Jubilee in June-ish time as well, isn’t it?
And there she goes. Moving on, moving on. You know, 59 days in 15 minutes, I think we needed a bit longer.
Armed forces day guys on the 26th, always got to give our love to the armed forces. Sunglasses day on the 27th. National PTSD awareness day on the 27th also. And then if we’re going down to the 30th, actually the 29th is camera day without international camera day. So I don’t know who’s running camera day and then on the 30th it’s world social media day. Now everybody, if there’s one day in a whole year you can all join in, right? Even if it’s just one, it’s social media day and the day before that it’s camera day. So imagine cameras, phones, world social media day, two days. Job’s a good ‘un. End of June.
I mean, like what, what you do on world social media day? What do you not do?
I hate social media,
I’m coming off social media. Yeah.
I’m having a day off social media on social media day. Well, that would buck the trend.
June. It’s a busy, maybe June is a busy month is because it’s summer solstice. The days are the longest they’re going to be, and you do feel a little bit like, Oh, I can do more. I can fit more in because the nights are later, the days are longer, but you know what? You should be having a plan. You should have, you should be saying, with my social media every month, I’m going to commit two hours a month to my social media to plan it, to put it out there. And then these ideas slot into that. It’s not, Oh I’ve got these ideas and then I’ll do my social media. You have your plan, you know, you’re going to do social media and then look for the ideas to fit. I would rather, you do two hours of social media a week, a month, whenever you decide you do it, it’s done. And then you go and enjoy the long summer nights.
Yeah, it’s true. And also I think you’re right about June, July, August, we’ll kind of get tempted to do more, do more. And then, and then we lose our consistency. So if you are consistently posting in July, I’m sorry, from January through to April, May twice or three times a week, every day in our case, you know, whatever that is, what you don’t want is then a month of doing loads and then backing right back again.
When I say all the time, we’re looking for consistency, you know what your consistency is compared to mine and the next person. And Michelle’s, it’s totally different, but your consistency is what matters. That could be twice a week on Instagram. It could be twice a day on Instagram. You know, I would suggest it’s definitely more than once a month on Instagram. Cause there’s not really any point.
You know, you’ve got to be doing stuff weekly. Your consistency is key and you need to decide what that looks like. So all of these days, you know, and also these aren’t your days, right? They’re not about your business. It’s not about what everybody else is determined this magic awareness day is, but there’s so many good ones that you could get into a conversation. You could join them, but they’re not your content. They’re not your days. Right.
There you go. And you put into Google, national garden exercise there, or you put it into Instagram. You go and get involved in some conversations and Instagram, you might see some new followers trickle through because people have seen you chatting or you go on Google and you see some blogs that have done stuff maybe last year, you know, but you go on. They’re doing actually stuff this year, you can go and get involved. You can share it. So we talked a little bit about that last month as well about, you know, if you haven’t necessarily got the time, go and see what you can do with other people or go and see what other people are doing and get involved.
Take five minutes to go and check out a couple of these days and just have, you know, get, get involved in a couple of conversations.
That is, that is some, that is something. And to me as a final point, if any of these these online content ideas can be taken offline and built into your overall marketing plan, you know, bit like the fish and chip shop, Oh, that’s a good idea. Oh, what can we do to make people laugh, to giggle, to make the time pass quickly. If you can do something offline, the likelihood is people are then so impressed that they take it online for you anywhere they start talking about it, they start recommending you. So yeah. Think about what you can do off social media as well. Yeah.
I hope that’s helped. A huge list there. As always watch us again, watch us again, put it in diaries, make your plan. Get in touch, drop some of them if they’re not important or relevant, but just remember to be consistent with your content and enjoy it. Like Michelle, I just want to see everybody having a right laugh with their content. It’s always the way isn’t it? If people are enjoying it, it gets more reach. It gets more engagement. People people want to join in with that.
So enjoy your content. Have a good, good, good month and send us a message if you need us. We never disappear, both Michelle and I, you know where to find us Instagram, LinkedIn Facebook. Well just everywhere, frankly. So take care. We’ll see you back again for July,
July my birthday.
Did you see what she did there? She told you all it was her birthday in July. Cards, presents, gifts.
All the love, all the love please!