#Replay – the MINTest Videos of 2021

by | Jul 22, 2021

As the MINT team is on tour across the North East, giving our members a break from Zoom training over the summer, we thought we’d reflect on some of the MINT training and online advice sessions we’ve delivered so far in 2021.

NOTE: Training replay videos are available to MINT members only. If you’re not yet a member and would like to join us, why not come to our taster session in September? Once you’re a member you’ll get access to hundreds of hours of training replay videos.


Our member and friend Dean Frank Reynolds delivered two sessions on accessibility in April, and networking expert Jeni Smith got us geared up for face-to-face migling. 

Jeni Smith


Marketing expert and author Simon Clayton has been delivering training to MINT members since 2020. Here are two of his most popular sessions – Marketing Eco Systems and a Q&A/Reflections session.

Jeni Smith


We’ve delivered so much marketing training in 2021 so far, here are two sessions specifically on digital marketing – Rob & Kennedy’s Email Persuasion Toolkit and Nic Watson’s five-part Google My Business training.

Jeni Smith


Still under the massive umbrella that is marketing, Deepa Gibson and Gwen Baird delivered social media sessions on Instagram Reels and Twitter respectively.

Jeni Smith


Long-time members and friends, Moira Barnes and Danielle Stanley offered members advice on selling their sales story and planning retail and ecommerce sales for Christmas.

Jeni Smith


Finance and money expert Darren Glanville gave members a session on North Star KPIs – Key Performance Indicators, and the team at Mortal Fools delivered a role play based session entitled Dynamic Leadership in Times of Change.

Jeni Smith


MINDSet is all about YOU – and among the sessions delivered so far this year are Simon Raybould’s Presentations With Confidence and a lesson is the art of saying no from Teresa Peters.

Jeni Smith