Sales: Why Minties love buying off each other!

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Member Blogs, Six Pillars Of MINT: Sales & Selling

Today is the start of another week and as I gear up to getting on with it, I am looking around me at the MINT purchases I’ve made of late. 

There’s my mug I’m drinking my cuppa out of that I bought from Alan Sawyers of On this is my business logo that was so lovingly created by the wonderful Amy Purdie of Whitacres. It inspires me every day and as a result, I’m a bit obsessed with it. So much so I spent a day with Lena Archbold Textile & Design yesterday creating a wonderful Nuno Felted silk scarf that is covered in the hearts that form my logo. 

I have shower gel in my bathroom from Sara Philips of Altruis Living, the earrings I am wearing today are from Clare Edwin of LolaMac…… you get the picture. 

Joining the MINT Business club has been the best decision I made – mainly because its helped and guided me and my business and continues to inspire me and move me forward. But also because it has afforded me the luxury and time of forming some great relationships with other business owners. 

I run monthly workshops titled ‘#sellingwithheart’ and in these and every 121 I have with clients the main ‘tool’ I advise clients to use to grow their sales is RELATIONSHIPS. 

Relationships are at the heart of every sale. The buyer must make an emotional connection to what they buy. Yes it has to answer a need (or a pain point if you want business-speak) but I could have bought my mugs from anyone on the internet. 

However, I chose Alan as he’d once presented to us Minties at a training session. I saw how he worked, I saw his passion for his business and how he grew it. And he supplies the mugs Nicola our founder uses in her office – ‘nuff said! 

With Amy, I had heard of the work she did via other networking groups but I made an emotional connection to her through our business club Facebook group. She invited us as members to take part in a branding challenge she was holding on her page and through that three-day challenge (all online) I was able to witness how she interacted with people, answered their questions and responded to suggestions. I won a competition she ran – so my emotional connection was sealed (literally with a heart) and I’m only too happy to recommend her to others. 

So if you are reading this as a new ‘Mintie’ or you are considering joining the MINT Business Club and are wondering if the monthly fee is worth it, then hell yes it is. You will grow your business without a doubt – but that growth will require work. Interact with fellow Minties, contribute to either the Facebook group or face to face.

Take the time out of your business to attend training, accountability or networking sessions and allow other members to form that golden emotional connection with you so that when they need to buy they are ruled by their heart and not their head.

And if you do need help getting your head around selling, either because it’s new to you or just not your ‘thing’, then please drop me a line or visit I’d be only too happy to help a fellow Mintie!

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